No Sound - Realtek HD Audio - HEEEELP!

  Brezza 16:55 10 Nov 2008

Hiya peeps.

Been having some serious problems with my sound on my PC and i have no idea whats wrong with it.

Im running an Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard with an onboard Realtek HD audio chip on a WINXPSP2 O/S.

Its a really strange issue, when windows starts i get the windows logon sound, so i know its installed and working corectly, however while the PC is starting up and sorting itself out, the little volume icon in tbe bottom right hand corner disapears, and when i got into the control panel and click on "Sounds And Audio Devices" everything is greyed out and it says "No Audio Device Installed".

This is where it gets REALLY wierd, it appears in the dvice manager fine, so i know its there, windows simply wont pick it up as a usuable device.

I Have tried the following to get it to work.

- Uninstalled and Re-installed latest sound drivers
- Checked to make sure the "Windows Audio" service is running in services list and is set to "AUTO" (Which it is)
- Checked to make sure that the onboard audio is enabled in the BIOS (Which it is)
- Installed the UAA Function Driver for HD Audio Realtek 860/880

Its seriously driving me insain, iv been sat here for the last 5 1/2 hours trying to get it to work. I Really dont understand why it plays the windows sound fine, then simply decides not to recognise its there anymore.

  Brezza 16:59 10 Nov 2008

Also i forgot to mention that i also did a system restore too, problem only arose this morning, did a restore for 7 days ago, still no luck, problem still preasent after restore :(

  Technotiger 17:10 10 Nov 2008

If running XP - download/install latest Codec pack .. click here

  Brezza 17:12 10 Nov 2008

Thanks for the link, buts its not a codec issue. I Have all th nesseasy codecs installed for most media types. Windows simply wont acknowledge that there is a sound device installed :(

  Stuartli 17:55 10 Nov 2008

Have you nominated the Realtek sound device as the Default Device from Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio and Voice tabs?

Also ensure that in Device Manager>Sound, Video and Games Controllers>highlight>General tab, that the Realtek device's drop down menu is configured for "Use this device (enable)."

  Brezza 18:09 10 Nov 2008

Hi Stuartli,

Thank you for the information, i checked to ensure it was enabled, and it seemed to be, it said "Use this device (Enabled" so i assumed it was.

Also under Sound controls > Audion and voice, its completly greyed out, i cant change anything, but its still appearing in the device manager, even after re-installing the drivers. Have a look at this screenshot i took, might mean more to you then it does me lol

click here

Many thanks :)

  Brezza 18:35 10 Nov 2008

Still got nothing, anyone have any ideas? :(

  SirMetal 18:41 10 Nov 2008

This isn't really a good answer.. but i had exactly the same problem with my Realtek HD onboard audio.. it lasted two days then for some reason decided to work again

  Brezza 18:53 10 Nov 2008

Hi SirMetal.

same here buddy, had this very same problem about 2 months ago, went away on its own after a while, but now its back again :(

  ronalddonald 18:59 10 Nov 2008

u got the drivers disc c if u can reinstall the drivers, i take it it must of worked ok at one time.

also go to my computer right click and see the properties hardware to see if its yellow ? mark.

this could tell us for sure if the darn thing inst installed.

  Brezza 19:02 10 Nov 2008

Hi RonaldDonald,

Yeah i tried to use the original motherboard disc i got with it, it has all the original drivers on it, installed them but with no luck.

With regards to the yellow exlimation mark on the device, there doesnt seem to be one. My device manager should be displayed in the screen shot i posed, you can see what its looks like there, doesnt seem to be anything out of the ordinary, but then again it aint workin so there must be somthing wrong lol

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