No sound on Pinnacle TV - help me please!

  Halmer 20:19 19 Sep 2003

I have tested the speakers and they are working.

The audio settings are:

Device: VIAAC'97 Audio(Wave) with no other options

TV playback input: Line In - Other options are Mic, CD Player, Video, Aux, Phone or Speaker

Sound Recording input : Line In Other options are Stereo Mixer, Mic, CD Player, Video or Aux.

Can someone advise me of how they should be set please.

Thanking you in anticipation.


  oldal 21:15 19 Sep 2003

I had the same problem, Have you got the video standard set to PAL I ? . This solved the problem on my PCTV Rave card.

  Halmer 21:35 19 Sep 2003

Video Standard is set to PAL oldal thanks.

Theo ther options are NTSC,SECAM,PAL M,and PAL N

  oldal 21:48 19 Sep 2003

Do you not have a PAL I option ? The Pinnacle helpline said this was the setting needed in the UK

  Halmer 21:54 19 Sep 2003

But I think I know what's wrong now.

Before I moved house I recall that there was a small wire with jack plugs at eache end. This linked two cards in the PC, presumably the sound(??) card to the TV card or something like that?

The wire is no longet there and must have been taken off prior to moving and not put back. I haven't got a clue where it is now.

Can I buy one of these failry easily.

Having said the above I don't even think that I nave a sound card now so presumably it links the TV card to the Graphics card?

  Chegs ® 21:55 19 Sep 2003

I had to update my PCTV app to latest version,prior to performing this update I sat with pen+paper and wrote down each permutation of Line In,etc and tried lots without any success.Once I used the Updated app,the sound started working(but not in VCR mode,to get that working I installed a SoundBlaster card)It also refused to work correctly until I downgraded DX to 8.1,from DX9b,which was easy to do as my OS(XP Home)crashed and was beyond "Recovery" or "Repair".

  Halmer 22:03 19 Sep 2003


and if so where do I get the update from please?

  Chegs ® 22:14 19 Sep 2003

click here

Find it in this page.

  Chegs ® 22:17 19 Sep 2003
  Rtus 22:20 19 Sep 2003

The small wire with jack plugs at each end.. is the audio link wire . without it nothing ..your sound going by your post is on board (motherboard ) type. This causes complications due to the length of the original wire ( approx 4 inch )and the need for it to plug between the PCTV card in the PCI slot & mobo input socket being upto 8 inches away... When your recording from Vcam you remove the PCTV sound link and input the camera to the same Mobo input (LINEIN) you should then get the result you want. You should be able to find a cable from Maplins /Tandy store . I forget what size plugs on it but they should be able to advise if you tell them its for PCTV card audio lead..

  akzah 22:22 19 Sep 2003

do these cards require a Aerial to work??


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