no sound outta cd writer-knackered perhaps?

  holly polly 17:08 28 Apr 2004

hi purchased a cd rw drive last sept from dabs ,the cdrw is a msi as reccommended at that time by pca ,tghhe drive was working fine until i got a driver update from windows update ,i have since reverted back to the old driver ,the cdrw reads but when playing cds there is no sound ,the other drive a creative dvd rom plays fine ,do the drive appear to be cream krackered ,still under warranty do i return it to dabs or msi -all answers greatfully recieved -regards -hol pol....

  Totally-braindead 17:34 28 Apr 2004

Before you do anything else I would check that the audio lead is connected properely. If the cdrw will read discs then its more likely to be some problem with that cable.

  AndySD 17:39 28 Apr 2004

click here contact MSI first.

  Quiller. 17:46 28 Apr 2004

If you have an audio lead connected as Totally-braindead do as suggested.

If there is no lead from the cdrw to the sound card then do this.

If running x\p, win 2000. go to device manager, then dvd\ cdrom drives and double click the cdrw. pick the properties tab and make sure there is a tick for enable digital cd audio for this device. You can use this when there is no audio link to the sound card.

If running win 9X. Go to control panel and select multimedia. Open the cdrom tab and you will find a similar check box there. Make sure it has a tick in.

Hopefully it is just the update that has set the settings to default. This should get you going.

  TomJerry 17:55 28 Apr 2004

Play music on CD/DVD reader two ways. One way is to read data out, CPU decorde it and pump sound out through sound card. Another way is CD/DVD reader plays music itself and pass sound to sound card directly through an internal cable link CD/DVD reader to motherboard (soundcard)'s internal connector (this is called CD-in link), so no CPU is involved. Normally, only one CD/DVD driver can make direct cable connection.

Suppose your DVD reader is link to CD-In, your CDRW driver is configured to play sound directly, then you have the situation you have now, i.e. play on DVD ok, but not CDRW.

Look around to see if you can tweak any setting on driver installed. If not, uninstall driver and try again. Maybe you can check MSI site to see any new driver.

  TomJerry 17:58 28 Apr 2004


  holly polly 16:59 24 Dec 2004

driverprob now resolved-hol pol..;.;

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