No sound on new dvd player

  [DELETED] 18:49 26 Jul 2004

I have just purchased a Yakumo Dvd player from Amazon at 29.99, excellent spec, plays all type of discs incl kodak picture cds and indeed gives an excellent picture quality. Only trouble is there is NO sound! It's connected to my Panasonic Dolby Pro Logic TV (10 yrs old now but still perfect order) via a scart socket. The picture shows on the AV2 channel, same as the vcr, and there is sound on both videos and of course normal tv. It isn't an option to connect a subwoofer and speakers as there is nowhere on the tv to connect one to, unlike my 36" Philips downstairs which has a dedicated subwoofer socket. Has anybody any suggestions please?

  TomJerry 19:35 26 Jul 2004

There are many differnet video/TV format. North America and Japan use NTSC, the rest of the world use PAL. But the trouble is that there are a few PAL formats, all PALs use the same picture but different stand. The UK use PAL-I which is different from the rest of Europe.

Another thing to try: Reverse the SCART lead. The SCART should have no direction, but sometime it solve the sound problem just reverse it. Strange, but it works for me and one of my friend on anther cheap model.

Also you could try different connection method. If all fail, then the player must be faulty.

  [DELETED] 20:06 26 Jul 2004

Many thanks!
Yes, reversing the scart lead did the trick! Many thanks, and anyone on the lookout for a new dvd for under 3o quid, can heartily recommend this one.

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