no sound from my vista pc, dont think its speakers

  athenrye 17:56 13 Sep 2008

hi just got my vista pc a few days ago, put a few progs on avg, micro office etc, music library and external hard drive, all was fine sound inc

then today i attached my send monitor, which went on a treat and could use it as expanded area etc
i didnt do anything else to it and went out!

came back and wife had logged on, trying to play music etc and the sound wasnt working, ive tried everything

a new set of speakers, didnt work
ive been into the start /control panel/ hardware and sound and the sigma tel ghigh definition codec is working, but i still dont have sound

nothings muted and my speakers work when you click test, they beep

my graphics card is a ati radeon hd 2600ht and has twin dvi outputs that i have going to both monitors, mys econd has a vga adaptor (dont think its that)

my sound card is a sigma tel high definition audio codec, i think

any ideas as im stuck with no music and just about to take it out on the wife! as i didnt touch it


  woodchip 18:04 13 Sep 2008

double click on the sound icon in system tray near clock then make sure playback speakers are not muted

  athenrye 18:09 13 Sep 2008

no woodchip thats not it, ive done all the wee basic things its not done it.

ive just disconnected my second monitor and restarted and the music is workign fine now

can someone tell me if my graphics card/ sound can support 2 monitors with sound?

i expect it should, my sons got the a similar setup and it seems to be okay and his xp machine is 3 years old!

what can i do or what have i done wrong?

  woodchip 18:12 13 Sep 2008

Reinstall the Sound Drivers, If you look in Device Manager you will most likely see a Yellow icon this will say drivers not loaded or such like.

Right Click My Computer\Hardware\Device Manager

  woodchip 18:12 13 Sep 2008

Sorry My Computer\Properties\Hardware\Device Manager

  athenrye 18:36 13 Sep 2008

you wouldnt believe it
ive playe danother song and the sound isnt working
this is driving me mad...

i havent doen anything else, why would the sound just stop?

the programmes running and the songs playing just no sound

device manager says device running properly


  chub_tor 18:59 13 Sep 2008

Looking at the spec for your graphics card it has HDMI with 5.1 surround sound audio. You also have SigmaTel HD audio. Possibly you have a conflict and should make sure that both your Raddeon driver and your SigmaTel driver are up to date. Have you been to their respective websites and downloaded the latest Vista drivers?

  athenrye 14:47 14 Sep 2008

hi chub tor

the graphics card hasnt got hdmi, its got 2 dvi connections and one round hole with lots of wee holes for a audio cable i think

ill need to have a go at downloading the drivers i ftheres any new ones, thought this was plug and play though...


  chub_tor 15:57 14 Sep 2008

click here is the page for ATI Radeon HD2600 and this is where I got the reference to HDMI and 5.1 surround sound. I have followed the links for the Vista 32bit driver for this card click here

  chub_tor 15:58 14 Sep 2008

OK that second link doesn't work, just follow the guide on the support page.

  athenrye 21:35 14 Sep 2008

hi tor
ive updated the last drivers etc and no ;luck with that, im using the dell forum to get question sand this is the best ive got


That Video card is capable of outputting "HDMI" to an HD TV. HDMI is a combination of digital video and audio. I don't have all the workings of that card but I suspect when you connect the 2nd Video that is also the port that is HDMI capable and it detects that and disables the regular audio and outputs the audio thinking you have an HDMI connection, not a second monitor connection.

You can do the "leg work" and check further, but that's I suspect is happening.


lokks like it dosnt do 2 monitors but 1 monitor and one hd tv, i cant get that... if it does a hd tv you think it would do a monitor as well


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