No Sound on my friends Desktop PC......baffled as to why

  julius44 08:20 29 Oct 2011

Hello and good morning to uo all. I was at a friends place yesterday evening for a a cuople of hours, as he and his other half have just finally got internet access installed. He had purchased a HP Windows 7 64 bit machine a few weeks ago, and he had attached it to a BENG monitor which HAS internal speakers. When I got there he stated that he had switched off the sound from the BIOS settings, so we went to BIOS settings to enable the sound. Logged back on and I tried EVERYTHING from sound settings still no sound from desktop via the monitors external speakers. When he inserts his headphones there is sound, I installed a webcam that comes with a mic, and when we speak into the webcam for a test the green light for voice moves...but still no sound. I'm wondering WHERE the problem is......he has used this same monitor with speakers on an old visa laptop and it seemed to work ok. Any suggestions please?? I wont be seeing him for a while, so any suggestions i'll have to ring him and guide him through any thing. Thanks loadz

  BRYNIT 08:35 29 Oct 2011

Does he/she have the cable from the speaker out of the computer to the Monitor connected?

  julius44 09:58 29 Oct 2011

Hello Brynit.....the cable goes from the monitor the the back of the base unit of the desktop

  julius44 10:49 29 Oct 2011

Hello Bjh, I didnt check that out, but I thought that there is only ONE connection to connect from the back of a monitor to the back of the base unit??

  bobbybluenose 11:09 29 Oct 2011
  BRYNIT 11:32 29 Oct 2011

If you have inserted the headphones in the same socket on the Computer as the Monitor the fault could be with the monitor speakers or cable.

Try connecting the monitor speakers to another device.

Try another cable.

Does the Monitor have a mute button?

  robin_x 11:43 29 Oct 2011

I also find it convenient to have 3 additional shortcuts on my Taskbar. (standard Windows Volume often fails to appear on boot)

Start/Search for each of 'volume', 'sound' and 'audio'. Check each to make sure none of the options have become muted.

The 3.5mm jack does seem likely though, it's the lime green one on the base unit.

  lotvic 13:23 30 Oct 2011

wossie, seems clear to me steve12345 is saying:

If the monitor-to-computer connection is a VGA cable (usually blue on both ends), an additional audio cable is needed between the monitor and the computer. Check that the audio cable is connected properly

If the monitor is connected to a computer using an HDMI cable, the HDMI connection can be used for audio as well as video. Ensure HDMI audio is selected as the main audio output in the operating system (for example, Windows Audio Properties in Control Panel)

more info ClickHere

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