No sound on my computer

  Jack1993 14:55 07 Oct 2007

I was in the middle of listening to music on my computer and th sound cut out completely.
I have no ideas why but I know it's not down to my speakers as I have tried different speaker sets and I know their in the right place on the processor.

I have a Windows XP Home edition, I re-downloaded my soundcard drivers and I've run virus and anti spy scans (not in safe mode). My sound card is recognised by my computer and I have no conflicting audio hardware.

Any suggestions how to re-audioify my computer?

  Jack1993 17:58 07 Oct 2007

I dont think I can try a different card.
I'm not particularly good at computers so I wouldn't know how to change it anyway.

  yesso 19:32 07 Oct 2007

had same problem check that sound propeties are set for desktop speakers

  Jack1993 19:55 07 Oct 2007

They are, thanks though,

  birdface 21:00 07 Oct 2007

Try.Control panel.Administrative Tools. services.Scroll down to Windows Audio and make sure it is set to Automatic.

  Jack1993 21:02 07 Oct 2007

Yep, it's on automatic.

  bof:) 18:35 12 Oct 2007

have you got a on key on your keyboard that is blue with 'Fn' on it?

If so press it down and look for 2 blue speaker icons on your keyboard keys (mine are on the up and down arrow keys)

Also on my keyboard, the F8 key has a blue mute/ u mute icon on it.

Look to see if you have anything similar and try pressing them whilst holding the blue Fn button down.


  Jack1993 18:38 12 Oct 2007

I dont have an Fn key, and I dont it's something as simple as me muting my computer, I've already run through all that.
Thanks you though.

  bof:) 18:44 12 Oct 2007

have a look in your Device Manager and see if there's a ? or ! next to your 'sound, video and games controllers'.

to get to Device Manager, right click My Computer/left click properties/left click Hardware tab/left click Device Manager


  birdface 19:44 12 Oct 2007

If you have a chipset motherboard download and try this here Windows will probably tell you they do not recognize it.But just carry on.I know that there is something in the Bios that you can change to make sure your sound is working.But can't remember how you do it.

  bof:) 11:55 23 Oct 2007

Hi Jack1993, have you managed to solve this problem?

If so could you please post back here with how you did it, it will help anyone else with the same sort of problem. Could you also tick the Resolved box.

If you are still trying to solve the problem, is there any chance of trying a different sound card in your pc to see if that gets you any sound. (Remember to delete the drivers from your original sound card first and reboot your pc)

Or have you considered removing your sound card and looking in the BIOS to see if there's an 'Onboard Soundcard' setting (or something similar) and trying that.

Also, make sure that the small thin cable from your soundcard to your cd drive has not come loose or is faulty. (Thats if there is a cable)


Remember to reboot your pc inbetween trying these suggestions.

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