No sound on MS Messenger

  [DELETED] 09:39 14 Nov 2003

Both I, and a friend, have installed the latest MS Messenger 6.1. We both have Logitech webcams, with built in microphones, and have run the MS Messenger audio/video tuning wizard with OK results.

When we connect, we get good video but no audio. However, on connecting to Yahoo messenger, we get both, although the video quality is better with MS Messenger. Both of us are on broadband. Has anyone got some advice?.

  [DELETED] 09:45 14 Nov 2003

I have an e-mail message from m/soft re the same problem,they are still trying to cure it in the uk,
one sugestion i have and it worked for me and my family,friends ect,try it and its free.
click here

  [DELETED] 12:34 14 Nov 2003

there is an issue with msn 6 audio
a workaround is found a this website

click here

  [DELETED] 13:00 14 Nov 2003

It looks as if lots of people have been having exactly the same problem.

Has anybody tried out your suggested method?

  [DELETED] 13:16 14 Nov 2003

From the info posted on ©®@$? link, it seems that the new version of the rtcdll.dll file is the culprit. It is suggested that replacing this with the older version normally found in windows/system32 will cure the problem.

As GoldenEagle has already asked, has anyone tried it?.

  [DELETED] 13:48 14 Nov 2003

i havnt but ive never had a problem with it..

click here=

to read through peoples efforts to resolve this problem and they all mention that rtcdll.dll

sounds a sure fix to me

just make sure you backup the rtcdll.dll before replacing it

  [DELETED] 13:50 14 Nov 2003

read this click here

  [DELETED] 14:04 14 Nov 2003

I tried to make this change in my Win-XP pro, even deleting the existing latest version. I copied the recommended version in to the folder, but it promptly reverted back to the new version.

Surely Microsoft could have corrected the problem when releasing version 6.1; they know about it in version 6.0.

  [DELETED] 14:17 14 Nov 2003

my thoughts exactly

i have msn 6.1 and xp without the problem

also have zone alarm firewall installed,

  [DELETED] 16:29 14 Nov 2003

I have now managed to change the file as suggested; (I forgot I had MS Messenger running at the time).

Hopefully, my friend in Canada has the computer knowledge to do the same.

  [DELETED] 16:42 14 Nov 2003

if you both have xp and broadband why don't you use remote assistant, if he has a problem

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