No sound on middle and surround speakers.

  Macka70 00:05 13 May 2018

I have a home cinema room with a pioneer hv reciever number: VSX-923

For some reason, after watching a film and switching hdmi to xbox, the sound went on the middle and surround speakers which i assume are the treble. Only a low rumbling was coming out of the subwoofer which i assume is the base (not a big techie).

I removed all connections and reconnected them to no avail so prettt certain it isnt that. Worried i may have butt dialed a button which messed it up. Pretty certain its the speakers as plugging headphones into the reciever works fine. Not sure if this is enough info to go off but im hoping for some help.


  Macka70 12:46 13 May 2018

Every hdmi input. Not sure. Definately didnt knock any of the wires and stuff.

  Macka70 13:21 13 May 2018

Yes. All hdmi inputs are missing sound but the base (subwoofer) still works which sounds very weird alone. The sound works when i plug headphones into the reciever. So i assume its the speakers. Havnt meddled with any wires so thinking i may have pressed a button by accident. The surround sound isnt working either so all 4 speakers bar the subwoofer arent working.

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