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No sound how do i check it out

  nobbyhigo 15:15 07 Jul 2003

there is power to the speakers but no sound on music match or windows media can you tell me how to check it out i am running win 98se had no problems before all ive done is got an update from microsoft for the win 98
thanks chaps NOBBY

  sil_ver 15:31 07 Jul 2003

Right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar then click on 'open volume controls' on the screen that opens make sure that nothing is muted that shouldn't be, also check the options/properties (top left of screen) for anything untoward.

  nobbyhigo 18:48 07 Jul 2003

well there is nothing in device manager that shows up and there isnt a speaker icon in the task bar how do i get that chaps

  nobbyhigo 22:01 07 Jul 2003

ok chaps been on multimedia and the boxes to check are in grey and cannot be ticked that is also the case for the cd enable check nothing can be ticked only the volume slide on cd music which is at max does that give any clues NOBBY

  nobbyhigo 10:56 08 Jul 2003

right BSOD thanks for the help im going to try your suggestions but it will be later on today i am sure i have a seperate sound card a pci something or other and i have the sound drivers that came with the computer. i shall return NOBBY

  nobbyhigo 21:51 08 Jul 2003

right this is nearing a result took speaker jack and lobbed it in cd jack at the front and it plays on a music cd, same on the rewriter to , but wont play music data files from hard drive. So with my limited expertise i reckon that we have a sound card on the shift or it is creamed what do you chaps think NOBBY

  nobbyhigo 22:31 08 Jul 2003

right BSOD get the idea didnt no it worked like that i will move the card to another slot reboot and see if that sorts it thanks for your help ill get back tomorrow NOBBY

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