no sound from headphones

  Kingfisher 16:53 22 Dec 2004

I have sounbdblaster audigy 2 soundcard fitted mto my p.c. with 5.1 surround sound all the speakers work fine, but I cannot get any sound out of my headphones when plugged into the samsung cd/dvd/rom drive socket in the front of the drive. I have tried all the Audigy2 settings but cannot find an enable/disable button for the headphones. can anyone help at all
Many thanks

I believe in order to get playback from the CDROM headphoe socket, you must disable "Digital Playback" for your CDROM drive, found through Control Panel>Sounds and Audio devices >Hardware the highlight the drive required >Properties then uncheck the tick box.

  Gongoozler 17:15 22 Dec 2004

The sound to the front panel on your cd/dvd drive doesn't go through your sound card. tommo2000 may be right about disabling Digital Playback, but I'm sure the front panel socket will only work on a conventional analogue cd.

  Kingfisher 17:26 22 Dec 2004

have tried disabling digital playback but no joy
thanks anyway tommo2000 and Gongoozler

  Salinger 17:29 22 Dec 2004

As far as I'm aware you will NOT get any output from the CD or DVD front sockets. They are disabled by manufactures. Begs the question - why put them there?

  Gongoozler 17:46 22 Dec 2004

tommo2000 is right about disabling Digital Playback. Also the front socket doesn't work on DVD's. It would appear that with modern multimedia systems the socket is a bit of an anachronism. The manual for my 4 year old Teac CD-RW both shows the socket and describes it as "Headphone jack". The manual for my 1 year old LG DVD/CD drive shows the socket but otherwise doesn't refer to it. The manual for a new LG CD-RW doesnt even illustrate it, so I think the manufacturers are trying to phase it out.

  Technotiger 20:22 22 Dec 2004

Hi, I also have Audigy2 - the headphones should go into LineOut1 jack (LIN_OUT1) on rear of sound card.

Merry Christmas.

  cali 20:56 22 Dec 2004

Hi have you gone in to your control panel & click the icon for audigy & check the box is not ticked to mute & also click on the speaker icon on your task bar & open audio panel and check properties to see you have tick the for mute???????

  Kingfisher 14:23 23 Dec 2004

Lineout1 jack sorted it, thanks to all for your help

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