no sound except through external speakers

  chita-1421805 11:44 18 Feb 2010

The sound on my laptop (Toshiba, XP) doesn't work unless I plug in my external speakers. The internal speakers don't seem to have sound, and headphones don't work either.

I've tried reinstalling the sound drivers, but it doesn't help.

Any suggestions?

  Technotiger 11:51 18 Feb 2010

Have you checked in Control Panel>Sounds and Audio devices, to see if there is a setting for the Speakers?

  tullie 11:51 18 Feb 2010

Is ther the Fn key and one of the F keys to adjust sound?

  chita-1421805 12:01 18 Feb 2010

I did check on control panel, yes, and when I check the laptop speakers/headphones option, nothing happens.

Then fn key doesn't work either...

  ubuntu1user1jb 12:07 18 Feb 2010

Are you sure that it still works? If it does then try searching google drivercollections. This website have lots of drivers

  Technotiger 12:18 18 Feb 2010

I would guess that the external speakers have their own Volume control - have you checked that the volume control on the laptop is at correct level and that laptop speakers are not muted?

  chita-1421805 13:11 18 Feb 2010

yeah, the drivers are up to date, and the specific volume levels are all fine. can internal speakers break?

  Woolwell 13:20 18 Feb 2010

What speakers are selected under Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices and Advanced setting?
Laptop speakers or other?

  chita-1421805 13:25 18 Feb 2010

at the moment it's on 'desktop stereo speakers', which is the setting for my external speakers.

but when the sound worked, it was on laptop speakers.

  Woolwell 14:41 18 Feb 2010

Can you change it to laptop speakers?

  Woolwell 17:17 20 Feb 2010

Did you fix this?

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