No sound from Centre Rear 6.1 Speaker

  ZX81user 20:43 17 Jun 2003

OK this sounds simple - but I cannot understand what is happening here. The problem is that I have a new computer with a Soundblaster Audigy 2 Card (may be platinum not sure) and Creative 6.1 speakers. The simple issue is that there is no sound from the rear centre speaker.

I am not sure if I have connected the cables up correctly as I am colour blind and cannot tell the difference between a lime green cable and an orange one. Is that it?

There is a little switch on the back of the sub woofer that if a switch to 5.1-6.1 UPMIX and then play music means that the rear centre speaker plays - so its not a case of total failure.

What really does not make sense is that in Control Panel/sound speach and audio devices/change the speaker settings I do not have the option to specify my speaker arrangement. There are many choices,including 7.1 surround sound speakers, and 5.1 surround sound speakers, but not 6.1? This is strange as in Creative Speaker settings 6.1 is selected and the box "Synchronise with control panel" is ticked. Is this the problem?

I am sure that it is a setup issue rather than a hardware one - can anyone help?

  Agent Smith 21:04 17 Jun 2003

Hi ZX81user

Is your sound card onboard or a PCI card? The reason I ask is that either on your mother board layout diagram or your sound card layout diagram there should be a socket location diagram. This would eliminate the need to find your way by colour and determine if your leads are in the right sockets.

  ZX81user 23:53 17 Jun 2003

The card is in a PCI slot. There is a diagram and it shows three sockets and identifies them aas lineout1, 2 and 3. THe speaker paperwork says put the lime green jack in lineout 1 and the orange jack in lineout three. Of course I can try them both ways round and one is defnitiely better than the other. I dont think its that - it is just something that adds to the confusion.

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