No Sound: ASUS Windows 8 Laptop

  amyjanecomp 20:20 24 Jul 2014

Laptop starts up, sound is fine for a short while (varies from a few minutes to half an hour or longer) then suddenly I have no sound at all. I do not use external speakers, there is no sound from headphones either. The laptop says everything is working fine. Restarting the laptop or disabling then re-enabling the audio driver fixes it but I can't keep doing this every time and it occasionally does not work the first time.

I have already tried: - Re-installing audio driver - System restore (however it fails no matter what I do) - All windows trouleshooting tools and tips - Rollback driver option greyed out - Driver is 'fully updated'

Please help because I am scared of sending the (6month old) laptop back to Asus as I hear they have a £57 handling fee if they decide I am not eligible for warranty which I can't afford at this time.

  rdave13 21:34 24 Jul 2014

As it's under warranty I would contact the seller and report the problems. At this stage it is nothing to do with Acer but the seller's responsibilities.

  amyjanecomp 23:00 24 Jul 2014

Okay, thank you but I'm more looking for suggestions as to what is wrong and how to fix it myself. Getting it repaired will be a last resort.

  rdave13 23:12 24 Jul 2014

AmyWhyshouldIsay , fair enough, it's your neck. Back-up your most important documents, mail, photos, etc. anyway, just in case you will have to send it away.

  imendpc 21:10 26 Jul 2014

Spend a few quid on eBAY for a USB 2 sound card as an interim and test tool.

  rdave13 21:24 26 Jul 2014

amyjanecomp , with respect it is a newish computer so contact the seller to either replace or repair. A usb sound card just glosses over a machine that is not fit for purpose. That might be the only problem now but, possibly, just the tip of the iceberg when the machine gets older.

Return for repair or replacement.

  Woolwell 22:10 26 Jul 2014

What makes you think that your laptop is not eligible for warranty? On the back of an ASUS laptop there is a figure right of the serial number that is normally a 12 indicating a 12 month warranty. Did you buy direct from ASUS or a another store/online? Your first contact should be with the seller. I'm with rdave13 you have a newish laptop that has probably got a hardware fault. It may get worse. You have nothing to lose by contacting the seller and/or ASUS apart from the cost of the phone calls.

  alanrwood 08:52 27 Jul 2014


Don't play with it yourself as you might in fact invalidate the warranty. If you want to make sure it is a computer faulty save all your important files to an external storage facility. If you don't have an external drive then use MSA Onedrive, Googledrive or similar.

Then do a restore to factory settings by using the recover facility. Look in your Instruction Book for which key to press at boot up. If the problem is still there then you can be certain it is nothing you have done and you should return it to the retailer from where you bought it and not Acer unless you bought it direct. Do it quickly as you don't have to prove it faulty if it is up to 6 months old. After 6 months the onus is on you but if the sound cuts out it is pretty obvious that it is faulty and has an inherent fault.

From the description you have given it is most likely to be a hardware fault caused by component creep or por soldered joint when the laptop warms up and that is not something you can fix so why bang your head against a brick wall so you can say "That's better" when you stop.

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