No sound after power outage

  BattleBee 20:00 13 Jun 2017

Hello, recently we lost power in our apartment and as such my stationary PC was shut down abruptly.. When I turned it back on, all sound was gone. The little sound icon in the bottom right is crossed out by a red mark saying "No speakers or headset connected" however if I rightclick it and I can see my headset is on the list! as seen in the images attached... My headset does NOT respond to anything.. I've tried to click on test, no sound.. I've tried to deactivate it.. it doesn't deactivate.

  • I've tried to restart my PC.
  • I've tried to keep my PC turned off, all cables out for 20 minutes, then reattached everything.
  • I've tried to start it with my headsets cable out and then attach it.
  • I've tried in all the USB ports (some of which I know work, since my keyboard works just fine in that port)
  • My headset works just fine on my laptop
  • I've updated all my drivers

but to no avail.. I can't hear a damn thing. Despite skype saying it can find and is using my headsets microphone as it'd default mic, it also ignores it completely. I've tried to use another headset (standard apple-earbuds) and they are also, woefully ignored, found on the list of sound devices, but the little speaker in the corner remains crossed out "There is no devices connected"

What do I do, any help?

  qwbos 23:35 13 Jun 2017

You say you've updated all your drivers. Did you uninstall the drivers that were there, reboot and allow Windows (I'm assuming W10) to find the drivers?

  BattleBee 17:14 14 Jun 2017

That I have done that but still to no avail..

heres the pictures I forgot to add to the first post.

  BattleBee 17:15 14 Jun 2017

click here Pictures didn't work for some reason.

href ..

  Secret-Squirrel 17:32 14 Jun 2017

...........we lost power in our apartment and as such my stationary PC was shut down abruptly.

That may be significant. File corruption can easily occur when a computer switches off abruptly like that. I recommend you run a disk check of your system drive - it's usually the C: drive. Have a read here if you've never used it (but ignore the pesky advertising links on that webpage). Even if Windows 10 says you don't need to scan the drive you should still go ahead and run it.

  BattleBee 18:01 14 Jun 2017

So I'm trying to run Chkdsk.. I'm at the part where I'm supposed to click 'Check' on the C drives properties... but the button is not responding at all.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:15 14 Jun 2017

Sorry to hear that.

Have a look at the How to Use the ChkDsk Command at the Command Prompt section on that webpage I linked to. There's no need to tell it to spend forever checking for bad sectors because I don't believe you have any. The command you therefore need is: chkdsk /f c:

  BattleBee 18:34 14 Jun 2017

I did the scan and repair of C: .. Nothing showed up :( and still no sound... Any other ideas?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:45 14 Jun 2017

Because your problem started recently, a "System Restore" would be a good idea. Click here if you're not familiar with it then scroll down to the 3. Restore your PC section. Choose an available restore point that pre-dates the onset of your problem but don't go further back in time than you need to.

You won't lose any personal data but you may however find that because you're running Windows 10, System Restore is not enabled so it won't help.

  BattleBee 14:07 16 Jun 2017

Hello.. So I'm on my laptop now.. I did a system restore.. to a safe made 10 days ago.. That started and my PC said it needed to restart... So I let it.. problem is that I is now stuck on a perpetual loading screen and has been so for the last 1½ day :/ Its a black windows loading screen with a circle of swirling white dots.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:05 16 Jun 2017 now stuck on a perpetual loading screen and has been so for the last 1½ day......

Sorry to hear that - that's not supposed to happen.

System Restore usually takes a maximum of twenty minutes or so to complete so nothing is going to change if you leave it like that any longer. The only option you have is to hold in the computer's power button for a few seconds to turn it off. Turn it back on and hope for the best.

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