LAINE 22:30 03 Jul 2003

Hi Gang,,
Well this one has got me beat..
I run win xp pro and a creative 5.1 plat s/card.
I have no sound at all.
No yellow ? in device manager.
This device is working properly (device usage:enabled)
Status:: driver is enabled but has not been started.
never seen this one before, anyone got any clues?
reinstalled card and drivers but still no sound.
have tried rollback driver/update driver been right through the system cant find a thing relating on how to start a driver.
I need help help help.
good luck with this one boffins

  Bodi 22:36 03 Jul 2003

same card. Although my O/S is 98SE.

Just a thought, you haven't plugged the speaker connection into the wrong socket, have you? - er probably not!

Why not try and reinstall the drivers from the installation CD? - Sorry don't know much about XP.


  Agent Smith 22:39 03 Jul 2003

Back to basics. If your card shows no conflicts lets assume that it's ok for the moment. Have you checked to see if your speakers are ok? If they are powered is the power supply ok? Try connecting head phones to the speaker out socket to ascertain whether you have an output from your sound card. I take it that you've checked that your sound is enabled and not muted as well.

  LAINE 22:44 03 Jul 2003

speakers plugged correctly
already installed drivers from cd
sounds and audio devices in control panel says no audio device.
device manager says there is

  Agent Smith 22:47 03 Jul 2003

I just sorted a friend's pc with XP. Try re-installing Mother Board drivers. He had somehow deleted them when he tried a restore.

  LAINE 22:49 03 Jul 2003

will try that now

  LAINE 22:56 03 Jul 2003

will not load mb audio drivers as no on board sound chip is presant.
every thing is working but need to start the drivers.

Check that the jumper for on board audio is disabled. Most boards have an option either by jumper or in the Bios.

(Above post)

This is of course assuming that your board has on board audio. If not and you have not flashed the bios or just installed the sound card then ignore this advice!!!

  Bodi 23:56 03 Jul 2003

you can do this in XP, but can you ask it to find new hardward - or reinstall the drivers by updating them in Device Manager?

I do sympathise - cos SB 5.1 Platinum has caused me a lot of problems - all down to the DOS drivers - but you won't have them with XP.

Will try and think of something else


  Steven135 00:00 04 Jul 2003

Have you tried getting the latest WXP drivers from the Creative site?

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