No Sound

  morddwyd 15:53 16 May 2010

I seem to have lost all audio - mp3 files, CDs, radio, system sounds. (Win 7 64 bit(.

I tried restoring a three months old Acronis image, but just the same, which makes me think hardware (on board asdio, AC97, confirmed enabled in the BIOS).

I've gad s search through this forum and tried the most obvious (and easiest!) without result.

Device manager shows a problem with VOIP, but none with AC 97

any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 16 May 2010

As its all audio system sounds and mp3 then audio card or drivers problem.

first check all volume controls that nothing is muted
then I would uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

  ashdav 16:04 16 May 2010

Check default audio device setting.
Control panel/sound

  rdave13 16:49 16 May 2010

Check in services that Windows Audio is started and on auto, also, that Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is also started and on auto.

  morddwyd 07:04 17 May 2010


Already checked all controls are set correctly, and the volume control shows the fluctuating bar, indicating that a signal is being output to somewhere!

Already uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, and confirmed default audio setting.

Have already confirmed that Windows audio is on and on auto, but I will check Endpoint Builder later on, and update.

  ronalddonald 07:14 17 May 2010

sound drivers??

  ashdav 09:04 17 May 2010

Do you have external speakers and are they working ?
Can you try another set ?

  ashdav 09:05 17 May 2010

Speakers plugged into green socket ?
The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked.

  morddwyd 12:47 17 May 2010

Endpoint builder confirmed on auto and started.

Using phones rather than speakers. I'm a bit loath to unplug the hi fi from the tv and connect to the computer (no hardship, but it's a 17 foot room and they're at opposite ends!) but it might come to that.

Green socket confirmed (first thing I did, been caught out by simpler things than that in the past!).

What is puzzling me a bit is that restoring to a three months old Acronis image, when the audio was OK, has had no effect.

That image would have totally reloaded the o/s and drivers to a known working state.

  ashdav 13:32 17 May 2010

Did the phones work before and do they work in something else ?

  Woolwell 15:50 17 May 2010

Is this on your laptop? Is there sound without the phones plugged in at all? Is the plug fully home?

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