no sound

  [DELETED] 22:23 24 Mar 2006

no sound at all. win xp. replaced motherboard for various reasons.
loaded new drivers, tested speakers, plugged into correct sockets. any help please

  [DELETED] 13:01 25 Mar 2006

Is this an onboard sound card or a separate card that fits into your motherboard?

If onboard, check that it is enabled in the BIOS.

If it's a separate sound card, ensure that it is plugged in to the slot correctly.

  [DELETED] 13:06 25 Mar 2006

At the risk of stating the obvious, have you checked the sound properties to see if it muted.

  [DELETED] 13:21 25 Mar 2006

It is onboard sound, I looked in bios there are only 2 settings, disabled and auto, it is on auto although i did try both just to be sure.

  [DELETED] 13:21 25 Mar 2006

definately not muted, plus in device manager it is correct

  Stuartli 13:23 25 Mar 2006

If you key in "No Sound" into the Search box you'll get numerous threads up with exactly the same title..:-)

  [DELETED] 14:05 25 Mar 2006

Go to Control panel/Sounds and Audio Devices Click Advanced and make sure nothinh is muted. In speaker settings/advanced make sure your spaeker configuration is set correctly. Under Audio Tab make sure your soundcard is selected.

  [DELETED] 14:06 25 Mar 2006

I must get a keyboard that can spell correctly

  [DELETED] 14:13 25 Mar 2006

Just a thought did you connect the sound cable to the mobo when you installed the new one?

  [DELETED] 14:42 25 Mar 2006

correctme if im wrong but isnt the sound cable only needed if playing cds or dvds,. I havnt checked this yet though.
the other thing is im not getting any sounds at all not even the windows logon tune.

  [DELETED] 14:51 25 Mar 2006

Some moderm boards use the IDE cable to carry sound,some require you to have the cable connected in order to have sound from the cd/dvd as you say.As you are not getting any sounds at all even window sounds,my suggestion may not be valid.Have you checked that there is actually some wave files in the media folder and that they are assigned ?,i know its a long shot but im running out of ideas,lol.

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