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  B54 17:31 19 Mar 2006

I just got my pc back after major surgery (new memory, processor, soundcard)on it and now there is no sound. Everything is plugged in and switched on, nothing is muted. I feel im missing something simple what can I try? Every time I do anything with the speakers I seem to stop them working. Usually its just a tick somewhere to switch em back on.

This time, when I plug the leads into the back of the pc, only one lead appears to be working - ie giving feedback when metal touches metal. I am a beginner with the sort of brain that understands very little of the technical side of things so be gentle with me.

Running Windows XP, with Realtek AC97 Audio should be 5.1 surround.
Thanks Im desperate to get back to music while I work.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:39 19 Mar 2006

click here
Get SIW and use it to id your sound component. Then go to manufacturer site and get the latest drivers for XP.

  B54 17:56 19 Mar 2006

I did as you suggested, but from the huge list of whats on my PC, how do I tell which is the audio?

  Forum Editor 18:15 19 Mar 2006

pause for a moment.

You said "I just got my pc back after major surgery (new memory, processor, soundcard)on it...."

Wouldn't it be better to get the person/company that did the major surgery to sort this out - that's what you paid for, after all.

  B54 19:02 19 Mar 2006

Ordinarily I'd say yes, but this always happens to me. I went over everything I did and clicked all the buttons again - none of the settings changed but I now have sound is coming out of rear speakers and woofer (if thats what u call it) so I know its me. I just need to get the front speakers to work. - B54

  ACOLYTE 19:05 19 Mar 2006

Run the sound setup wizard?,that is if your setup has one,most do.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:22 19 Mar 2006

bang an audio cd in. it should autoplay in windows media player. then make sure things are/are not ticked where relevant, volume controls at 50%, including speakers, then try plugging speakers into all 3 jack sockets on the back. if they are colour coded then usually the green one is audio out, but try them all.


  B54 20:55 19 Mar 2006

Theres no sound setup wizard unfortunately.

I tried the audio CD that WTM suggested, which helped me remember that I have sound effects prog on it. Ran its test of the speakers and 2 of em dont work when you test the 4 speaker set up but work with the 6 speaker set up so I guess I'll hope that it stays working. Thanks for yr help. Until next time. -B54

  keef66 09:42 20 Mar 2006

5.1 sound does involve using 6 speakers, so I think you have solved your own problem

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