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  technique 21:51 04 Sep 2005

Hi helproom,

I have a 5:1 speaker system for my PC, but despite the fact that it's physically connected to the PCI Bus, the sound manager insists there are no audio devices detected.

There's a sub woofer with only 2 speakers attached. It doesn't matter where the speakers are connected to on the Sub (I've tried the front, centre and rear speakers), it makes no difference.

On the back of the PC, there are 2 colour coded jacks for the Sub with the audio icon. One's blue and one's red. If I swap these it makes no difference at all. There are also some other jack ports for the centre, left and rear speakers but these don't help.

The only distorted sound I get is from the Sub - making me think that the Sub at least is in the right socket.

I cannot get my BIOS to appear either, as on reboot the screen appears and disappears too quickly.

Any clues?

  stalion 21:52 04 Sep 2005

if xp press del on boot up and your bios will stay there as long as you want

  technique 22:47 04 Sep 2005

Thanks for that help. Del helped with BIOS but when I got into BIOS it was already Auto configured to pick up my audio device.

I've since acquired sound from the speakers and Sub during the bootup stage (a female voice informing me that memory scan is complete and now booting from operating system).

When in control panel and adjusting system sounds, there sound files cannot be displayed i.e. Chord.wav for system errors. The Play button for preview is greyed out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:10 04 Sep 2005

Sound setup
click here

  researcher 23:16 04 Sep 2005

If you have on-board sound (part of the motherboard) plus a sound card, make sure that you have plugged into the sound card and that the on-board sound is disabled.

Go through your sound manager and make sure that mute is not ticked, have volume up above half-way.

If using a sound card go to the makers web-site and look for help there.

  technique 23:48 04 Sep 2005

Thanx fruitbat, but all options are greyed out - it's as if there's no sound card but there definately is.

  technique 13:22 11 Sep 2005

Can anyone help?

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