No Sound

  R_M_R 17:22 15 Nov 2004

I get a over amplified kind of sound when I turn up the volume and I get a kind of "Gurgling" sound when I play a "CD" or somthing from my hard drive. all other things seem to work. i.e. pictures, photos, text etc. but no sound. Help!

  Gongoozler 17:26 15 Nov 2004

Look in Device Manager to see if there are any warning signs alongside Sound, Video and Game controllers. If there aren't, check your Windows sounds by going to Control Panel - Sounds (or Control Panel - Sounds, Speech, and Audio devices - Sounds and Audio devices), click the Sounds tab. Click on the sound you want to test, then click on the right-pointing arrowhead to test the sound. Look in the window for the sound and use the down arrow or "Browse" button to change it.

  R_M_R 18:06 15 Nov 2004

I couldn't find "Device Manager" but I found "Device" in "windows Media Player" under "Help" No Help. I also did this in "RealPlayer" Still noe help. I Did the test and I got a "Hum" and a shakey kind of sound. I wonder if it could be a card?!? I have a "HP Pavilian a630n" I bought last October so I haven't had it very long. Should I contact them ? I hate to take it in.

  fourjays 18:09 15 Nov 2004

I think I know what you mean... When I turn my volume all the way up, and the CD is reading, I get a load of beeps (like morse code) and gurgling noises. I think it just a small bit of interference from the CD connector to the sound card. I can never hear it unless its on full volume, so it doesn't bother me.

  R_M_R 18:58 15 Nov 2004

That's exactly whats going on with me except no beeps, but I can't hear "Any" of the music. It sounds like it's scrambled or ?!?!?! Can you get any of the music??

  Lasse 19:24 15 Nov 2004

Go into device manager and uninstall your sound driver and then reinstall it solves 95% of problems
Start/control panel/system/hardware/then choose the first option. you are now in device manager.

  R_M_R 20:28 15 Nov 2004

Everything was installed on my computer when I got it a couple months ago. I made a "Recovery Disk" before I hooked the computer to omline. Can I reinstall from there? I look at it and it is all in code numbers and etc.. However I did get to the spot you told me about and I'm not afraid to do this, I just want to be sure I can reinstall the driver and where to get it and to make it possible.

  Gongoozler 21:06 15 Nov 2004

To get into Device Manager, Click Start - Control Panel - Performance and Maintenance - "See basic information abut your computer" - Hardware - Device Manager.

  R_M_R 23:32 15 Nov 2004

Could not find "Performance and Maintenance" in the control panel or "see basic information about your computer". I jumped around looking for these things and couldn't find them. I am running "Windows XP Home". I just knew something would stop me.

  R_M_R 01:53 16 Nov 2004

Do you have any other suggestions?

  Gongoozler 08:07 16 Nov 2004

Depending on how your control panel is set up, access to Device Manager can vary. An alternative way of getting to Device Manager is to right click on My Computer, select "Properties", then click on the Hardware tab and then the Device Manager button.

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