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  Silly Me 15:39 15 Nov 2004

How can I restore the sound on my pc? I normally hear a little introductory music when I have logged on but now - nothing. I can use my media player but there is no sound. i have checked the sound/mute button and although I can see the 'progress' button moving from left to right there is no sound. i have just replaced my mouse with an optical (non-remote) but am sure this isn't causing the problem. I have had this prob. before but just re-booted and all sound was restored. i have tried this but to no avail.

  Gongoozler 15:58 15 Nov 2004

Check your Windows sounds by going to Control Panel - Sounds (or Control Panel - Sounds, Speech, and Audio devices - Sounds and Audio devices), click the Sounds tab. Click on the sound you want to test, then click on the right-pointing arrowhead to test the sound. Look in the window for the sound and use the down arrow or "Browse" button to change it.

  Gongoozler 16:02 15 Nov 2004

Sorry, I just noticed that you can't get ANY sounds. First make sure that your speakers are powered and the cable properly plugged into your computer sound socket. Check in Device Manager to make sure that there are no warning signs under Sound, video and game controllers.

  Drum 16:03 15 Nov 2004

Chech the volume controls in Media player and by right clicking the speaker icon in the sys tray.

  R_M_R 16:55 15 Nov 2004

I too can't get anything to work. Sound from e-mails or a audio cd. All I get is an over amplified noise. I have checked all the settings but to no avail. Help!

  Silly Me 13:04 17 Nov 2004

I have checked all the above options but to no avail. Yesterday I had my C drive completely wiped and reinstalled - still no sound. There is a green 'power' light on the main (left) speaker which shows plugs are ok. My next option is to replace the speakers - any other advice?

  bof:) 13:23 17 Nov 2004

Hi Silly Me

when you say 'I have had this prob. before but just re-booted and all sound was restored. i have tried this but to no avail.'

Can you remember if you had installed/uninstalled anything before this started happening?


  ACOLYTE 13:36 17 Nov 2004

Have you a sound card or is it onbord sound built on mobo?if onboard try installin a sound card if it works you know where the problem lie.Dont forget to turn the onboard sound off first in the bios tho.You could even check its on first may not be.

  Silly Me 13:59 17 Nov 2004

bof:) A friend was with me when my sound disappeared but she said I didn't re-boot to get it back. I've tried so many things going round and round in circles I forget what I've done and in what order sometimes. I have not done any installing/deinstalling before this happened. When the engineer called is confirmed my mouse was kaput so I now have a new optical one which is great. The engineer recommended I download Avast (free virus software) after rebuilding my C drive which found and deleted many bugs. He also got rid of Kaaza-Lite and recommended Limewire which I downloaded. However, after reinstalling XP Prof. we had a couple of hiccoughs so redid the whole process again but using the FULL FORMAT as recommended. At the moment I don't have any virus or download programmes installed that I know of.

On top of all this my pc is running really slowly - I run BTBroadband and have done an automated check on performance and everything is running ok according to them, but everytime I click the mouse I get the 'THE PAGE CANNOT BE DISLAYED' page but if I refresh it takes me either back to where I was on my last click or forward to where I wanted to go. This is a real pain and I'm lonely sat hear without my sounds! I normally listen to CDs when I'm working. I keep getting a pop up which reads MESSENGER SERVICE - YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN COMPROMISED. THERE HAS BEEN SUSPICIOUS TRAFFIC REPORTED FROM THIS COMPUTER AND IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU IMMEDIATELY GET THE LATEST SOFTWARE TO PURGE THIS PROBLEM. PLEASE VISIST click here FOR MORE INFORMATION'. Is this Adware/Spyware? Try and keep replies simple please - I not a beginner but have medium skills! Ta

  ACOLYTE 14:04 17 Nov 2004

Think you would be better with ad-aware and spybot sounds like you have some spyware stuff on your pc,also you could the messenger service to stop the popups click here

may help.

  Silly Me 12:00 19 Nov 2004

Thanks guys. An engineer discovered the amplifiers were plugged into the wrong socket! I have since had my hard drive completely wiped and re-loaded - have also bought Norton Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam package. Everying is flying.

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