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  [DELETED] 17:27 29 Sep 2003

Hi all

For some reason that I don't know of, I have lost all sound on my system. It is a very new Time system running on XP. My children tell me that they have not played with it, but there is no sound. I have been into Device Manager and it tells me that everything is running OK. I have checked all the connections as well.

My control panel tells me that I have Realtek AC 97 Audio and I have been to their website and downloaded the relevant driver but to no avail.

Please help someone, the silence from my PC is killing me!!


  david.h 18:41 29 Sep 2003

how many audio players do you have, if you have more than one. go to add/remove programs and the icon in the left margin has a defaults option open this and check that the audio player you are using is set as default and close the others from opening. i have found real player occasionally over rules media player as my default with my knowledge i then find media player has no sound till i reset it as default.

Time as as bad as tiny for poor quality pc systems but that is too late for you

  david.h 18:42 29 Sep 2003


  david.h 18:42 29 Sep 2003


  bremner 19:00 29 Sep 2003

Have you tried the obvious, that the sound has been muted in Volume Control (Start > All Programs > Entertainment > Volume Control)

Can't totally agree with david.h about Time/Tiny. They sell thousands of machines and are therefore, like PCW, bound to get complaints but to say their machines are 'poor quality' is untrue.

  [DELETED] 19:24 29 Sep 2003

Thanks so far.

david.h - I have just discovered that it won't play Windows Media Player or Realplayer so neither is my default. Try to play Realplayer and it says "A general error has occoured", and try to play WMP and it tells me there is no audio hardware available.

bremner - when I go to volume control, it says "There are no active mixer devices avaliable. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware." I have tried this, but I don't have 'Printers and Other Hardware' as an option so I don't know what this is all about.

ps. agree with bremner about Time/Tiny. My system is great apart from this problem that has just appeared. Also, ran a Tiny system before this for 5 years without any major problems.

  bremner 19:35 29 Sep 2003

In control panel it would be Add Hardware.

However if you go to Volume Control again and click on Options>Properties under playback make sure the necessary options are ticked, if you are unsure tick them all

  [DELETED] 11:57 30 Sep 2003

One of my clever mates suggested using XP System Restore, so I took it back a few days, clicked restore and it now works as good as before. I must have deleted or uninstalled something I shouldna. Well, we live and learn



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