Jeffmb 08:19 06 Mar 2006

Good morning all,

I have just inherited a PC from my dad, all seems to work well apart from the CD writer which I can't install the softwear for as it's too old and is uncompatable with Windows XP...

I am new to home PCs and just don't know what to do? I really don't want to to buy new softwear if I can help it or worse still a new CD writer!

Are there any ways around this problem?

The CD Writer is: HP CD-WRITER 9100 SERIES

Any help is very welcome!!!



  Methedrine 08:43 06 Mar 2006

A new cd writer costs less than £20 click here

  Methedrine 08:44 06 Mar 2006

click here for burning software.

  Jeffmb 08:51 06 Mar 2006

Thanks, but I am a little confused... Can I use any softwear to write the CDs on to my HP writer even though the Writer isn't actually installed?

I thought I would need to install the HP writer with the correct HP softwear so to be able to use it???

  Methedrine 08:56 06 Mar 2006

I would have thought that you should be able to use the software with any CD writer. I use Nero to burn discs on my Ricoh CD-R/RW. Works great. Give it a go, £1.80 won't break the bank.

  Graham ® 09:01 06 Mar 2006

So the problem is the drive is not recognized? Does it appear in Device Manager?

Are you confusing device drivers with CD writing software? XP has its own device drivers.

  Jeffmb 09:08 06 Mar 2006

OK, so you're saying I don't strictly need 'HP' softwear to run an 'HP' burner?

I suppose my only concern with that is as to whether my PC will actually recognise the burner even though it hasn't firstly been installed with the correct 'HP' softwear...???

  Jeffmb 09:10 06 Mar 2006


The driver is recognised and shows up on the control panel. It's the softwear that is out of date and therefore uncompatable with Windows XP.

When I try and use the softwear disc a message comes up saying that the driver is now making Windows unstable and has been disabled???

  AndySD 09:20 06 Mar 2006

Try DeepBurner click here

  Graham ® 09:38 06 Mar 2006

Will it play a CD?

  Jeffmb 10:38 06 Mar 2006


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