No signal showing on monitor

  Liam_11 09:19 22 Apr 2017

I have recently built my new gaming pc. When turning it on no display (no signal) is shown on my monitor. ( I have had it show some display a couple of times, but not every time so I am thinking I have a faulty part but unsure what part, I think it's the motherboard)> I have done some troubleshooting but had no luck.

Things I've tested: Power going to the motherboard. My motherboard LED's lightup and my fans connected to the motherboard work. I have used two different monitors, so the monitor is not the issue. I have used three seperate video cables including two different HDMI and one D-sub cable so it's not the cable. I have taken everything out and re-plugged it back in and it turned on a couple of times but i left it for a bit and now it doesn't turn on again. I defiantly think I have a faulty part.

Anyone know whats wrong with it?? Cheers.

  Liam_11 09:23 22 Apr 2017

Also I have my HDMI cord plugged into my motherboard because I haven't installed the drivers for my GPU obviously.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 22 Apr 2017

Check all connections to motherboard including the connection close to the cpu.

Run trough the check list here

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