No signal to screen

  Skeet213 08:01 25 Apr 2005

I bought a new hard drive, and installed it and it only read 128gb of 250gb. So in an attempt to retrieve the missing space, I thought I should make it master rather than slave. After doing this I got a beeping from the computer and no signal to the screen. I then checked the CPU because of the beeping. When removing the heat sink the CPU came with it. And is currently struck to the heatsink. I put an older CPU still a P4 and the beeping went away. But there was no signal to the screen.

What's causing this?? and How do I get the CPU off the heat sink safely??

PS I was using a P4(both chips that have been mentioned) and 512 mb ram, with 9600xt gfx card.

  Aspman 13:51 27 Apr 2005

I think you are hitting the limitations of the LBA.

[quote]Drive makers overcame this limitation quickly in the early 1990s by adding BIOS extensions to support LBA (logical block addressing). Rather than specifying a particular cylinder, head, and sector, LBA uses a 28-bit address to define 228 (268,435,456) unique sectors. A controller embedded in the drive translates each sector into an appropriate physical location. Because each sector can hold 512 bytes, LBA can support drives up to 137,438,953,472 bytes (137GB).

Note that although LBA always supported 137GB capacities, BIOS makers frequently did not support the full 28-bit addressing scheme. This resulted in size limits at 8GB and 32GB, which were easily corrected with a BIOS upgrade (or a new drive controller card).

I know 137 does not equal 128 but there can be various reason for that.

Have you tried to split the HD into 2 125Gb partitions or even more smaller partitions. It might sort your prob out. Otherwise you should check the drive manufaturers website for advice.

Updating the bios on your motherboard may also sort things out for you.

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