No signal problem on my Custom built gaming pc.

  Droshe 18:11 11 Jan 2018

I have absolutely had it with this PC! One day I was playing on it and then it crashed saying “windows ran into a problem” then the PC never worked the same again. When I tried to turn it on moments later the monitor says no signal. I checked online on how to troubleshoot this but none of the solutions worked. I have tried everything from replacing the graphics card, the monitor, the hdmi cable, the ram, EVEN THE ACTUAL MOTHERBOARD. But nothing worked it still came up with no signal, not even my local computer shop can fix it.

Please can anybody help me I’ve spent way to much money on this PC that originally costed me £300 at this point I have spent an additional £200 costing me £500 for this PC.

Specs: i5 2nd gen 3.00Ghz CPU 8GB ddr3 ram 1TB mass storage 128Gb SSD Gtx 1050ti GPU

  alanrwood 18:41 11 Jan 2018

Have you tried a complete re-install of Windows fro a fresh download of the latest version.

  Droshe 07:02 12 Jan 2018

No, but how do I do that?

  Droshe 07:04 12 Jan 2018

@alanrwood Also has that method worked for you or anyone else you know?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 12 Jan 2018

Can you get into BIOS and see the BIOS screens?

Does the Motherboard have on board graphics?

Tells us the make and model of your motherboard

It is also possible that the PSU is not delivering enough power to work the motherboards properly and power the PCIe slot for your GTX cards

  Droshe 15:58 12 Jan 2018

I remember my local pc shop saying something about the motherboard not receiving enough power how could I fix that?

Also I cannot see any Bios screen The motherboard has got onboard graphics And it’s an intel desktop board

  alanrwood 16:08 12 Jan 2018

Which Intel board, there are hundreds of different ones.

What power supply spec are you using.

There is a BIOS on every motherboard, you just need to press the appropriate key at boot up, usually del or one of the Function keys.

I would definately try the onboard graphics first but you maybe ned to select this in the BIOS. Do you get anything at all when booting ie do you get a few lines of POST text.

  Droshe 16:32 12 Jan 2018

I’m using an Intel LGA 1155 DQ67OW motherhood. And I have a 500w power supply Also I read online that a gtx1050ti uses very low PSU power so that is why I got it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 12 Jan 2018

Remove graphics card connect to onboard graphics port

the BIOS should default to onboard graphics - press the appropriate key at boot to enter BIOS (F1 F2 Esc Del)

  Droshe 19:20 12 Jan 2018

Yeah I’ve just tried that it still says no signal

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 12 Jan 2018

Remove all power - remove CMOS battery and consult motherboard manual for resetting BIOS using Jumper.

Once reset then try getting in BIOS again

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