No Signal on new setup

  sil_ver 13:42 27 Oct 2003

Just built a barebones setup using G'byte GA-71XE4 mobo, 1.3GHz AMD Duron, GForce2Ti graphics 10.2GB HDD, 128MB SDRAM. Mobo dipswitch set to 100MHz. My problem is I am not getting a signal to the monitor all fans are running and the HDD is doing its thing (no O/S yet) the reset and shutdown is working ok so I guess I've connected them right. I've tried a different PSU, Graphics card and monitor to no avail. Any help appreciated

  sil_ver 14:21 27 Oct 2003

As far as I am aware this BIOS supports up to 1.4GHz. CMOS has been reset, I even checked the battery which is showing 3v.
No, I don't have a pci graphics.

  sil_ver 14:34 27 Oct 2003

Can I assume that if the HDD is being read, which appears to be the case judging by the activity, then the CPU is OK?. I've also changed the SDRAM.

  sil_ver 14:46 27 Oct 2003

Not getting any beeps with or without either graphics, mouse or keyboard plugged in.

  sil_ver 14:48 27 Oct 2003

All connections made. That's how I'm switching on and off.

  sil_ver 15:42 27 Oct 2003

Nope! tried a different monitor

  sil_ver 17:46 27 Oct 2003


  sil_ver 20:47 27 Oct 2003

I've tried a different monitor

  woodchip 21:38 27 Oct 2003

check the simple things first like have you bent a pin on the monitor cable or graphics card etc. also remove all cards and drives except Graphics and floppy' and see if it will boot to bios

  woodchip 21:57 27 Oct 2003

My guess is ether CPU or motherboard, odds on CPU

  sil_ver 22:15 27 Oct 2003

First off yes the cable is attached to the monitor(s). It's a new CPU but I guess it could be faulty also could be the mobo. To recap I have changed the following. Monitor, video card (nvidia and ati) sdram has been changed. Even if the BIOS needed updating I would have thought I'd have got some response. I dont expect it to bootup as there is no O/S but would have thought I would get into BIOS unless either the mobo or cpu is duff.

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