No Signal On Monitor In Windows ME

  futurekid 07:29 19 Jun 2006

I have recently been given my brothers old computer. Now when we plugged it in the monitor said no signal. This went on for a while. So i unplugged the monitor and had a look at the pins, some where bent, and so they were bent back into place since doing that it has worked fine. But when my mum took the tower cover off to see if i had any unused memory slots and put them back in and the cover back on, the monitor has never worked again since, which was last night.
Could anyone tell me how i could correct this and could anybody tell me wheather, memory and monitors are linked?

The computer is a old Packard Bell.


Ben Greenslade.

  wee eddie 08:11 19 Jun 2006

one of those pins that you bent and straightened have fallen off

  rmcqua 08:38 19 Jun 2006

You said your mother took the case off "to see whether you had any unused memory slots" b ut then you say she "put them back in". Do you mean she removed the memory modules, then reinserted them?
I think wee eddie's suggestion is a very real possibiltiy.

  Diemmess 08:47 19 Jun 2006

In addition to the previous ideas...

Can you try a different monitor on this computer?
Don't worry about drivers and quality of the picture, you are only trying to prove there is a signal there.

Do be careful to check there isn't a pin jammed in the socket on the back of the computer and then be gentle with inserting the trial monitor's plug.

If there is still nothing to see on the screen then the fault lies elsewhere, post back again.

  Diemmess 08:59 19 Jun 2006

- Sometimes directly.......
Where the computer deals with graphics as an integrated part of the motherboard it commonly reserves some of the RAM for that purpose.

If your Mum disturbed the RAM chips or in any case you can make sure they are properly home in their sockets.
Do try the PC with a substitute monitor first.

Displaced or (rarely) faulty RAM, can stall boot-up or do all sorts of strange things but leave it alone until another monitor has been tried

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