No signal on monitor when computer put on

  ian1946 14:26 13 Oct 2015

For the last few days when I have put on my computer and then switched on the monitor and after the computer goes through its start-up and I get the welcome screen for Windows 7 the monitor goes blank and displays a message 'no signal' so I turn off computer manually and back on and it then works as normal with no more problems, (on one of those days I got beyond the welcome screen and thought great whatever the problem its sorted I was wrong) is this a sign that the hard drive is ready to die or something else within the computer, if anyone can give me an answer to this problem I would be grateful. Ian.

  Govan1x 15:02 13 Oct 2015

Probably means what it says your hard drive is on the way out so maybe save anything of importance before it does go.

maybe make and model number of computer or laptop will help others give you the proper information that you need.

  Forum Editor 15:02 13 Oct 2015

" this a sign that the hard drive is ready to die or something else within the computer"

It could be caused by one of a number of things. How old is the computer/monitor combination?

It could be a faulty lead between computer and monitor - check the connections are tight at both ends. If they are, it might be worth trying a new lead if you have a spare. if the monitor is connected to a separate graphics card the card itself may just need re-seating in its slot.

Try turning the monitor on first, and then starting your computer, rather than the other way around. The operating system needs to load a driver, and that may not happen if the monitor is not switched on.

Do those things first, and see if it makes a difference.

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