No signal on monitor after a while, pc still runs.

  Ronny Schampaert 13:52 14 Feb 2018

Hi, I am having trouble with a used pc I got for my son.

As I went to buy it, I tested it and all was good. Back home, migrated the HDD to an SSD. Still everything ok.

Then after a couple of hours running there is suddenly no signal to the monitor. PC still seems to be running. (fans on, lights on)

First I thougt it was some thermal protection. So put in 2 extra fans. Temps are 35-60°

It stil loses signal. Sometimes after about 1hour of use. Sometimes longer or shorter. I can reboot immediatly and it works again. But for a shorter period of time. After that it even loses signal when rebooting.

Have taken the pc to the shop, they can't find anything wrong with the hardware. They thougt maybe my power cable was defective. So I bought a new one, but back home had the same problem after about 1 hour of use.

Any thoughts?

Shops asks 60euro an hour and if it works fine there for a couple of hours i am out a lot of money without any solution.

Signal is lost on both the VGA and HDMI port of the GPU. My guess is that it's defective, but shop says its fine.

Is there mayby somekind of program I can run to test it?

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:25 14 Feb 2018

Device manager - right click on the graphics card - properties - if there is apower tab make sure Allow the computer to switch off.... is unticked

Also check the Events tab to see what is shown there.

I would also look at the computer power option and check that sleep and hibernate are set to Never then RESTART (not shut down).

See if that solves the problems

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