No signal from M/B to Monitor after changing M/B

  rickf 16:05 30 Sep 2017

Hi All, Changed my M/B and using same H/D with Wins 10 OS but now now signal to monitor on booting up? Any ideas? Tearing my hair out.

  BRYNIT 17:35 30 Sep 2017

More information would help but have you tied removing and reseating the graphics card. Have you checked that you have reattached all cables especially the one from the power supply to the graphics card if it has one.

  wee eddie 17:54 30 Sep 2017

Acronyms rule. KO!

  rickf 18:10 30 Sep 2017

Am using m/b graphics.All cables attached. I think, it's poss wins 10 doesn't like the upgrade. The m/b is compatible with the cpu. I have removed one of the ram sticks, only one 4gb left in and still no signal going through. The hd led on front panel doesn't seem to blink like it should if h/d is working. I can hear it turning though. Forgot to say it's a new case as well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:36 30 Sep 2017

Usual problem is the lack of a correct connection to the motherboard 4/6 pin connector not added.

Check your motherboard manual very carefully regarding things like 24 pin + 4 pin connectors

  rickf 22:53 30 Sep 2017

Fruit Bat Do you mean the power connectors? If so, yes I have connected them.

  wee eddie 23:45 30 Sep 2017

Rick.I have to assume that you are referring to the MOBO! Yes

  wee eddie 23:47 30 Sep 2017

How certain are you of your PSU?

  wee eddie 07:20 01 Oct 2017

Back to the OP. If your Monitor was receiving no signal, but was receiving power it would be displaying a logo to that effect.

So, it's receiving a signal but it's not being told to display anything.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:49 01 Oct 2017

Changed my M/B and using same H/D with Wins 10 OS...............I think, it's poss wins 10 doesn't like the upgrade.

That's what I think too. A motherboard replacement is effectively a new PC and the device drivers on the old hard drive will be for different hardware.

If you can see the motherboard splash-screen or the BIOS options then our hunch is correct.

  rickf 10:35 01 Oct 2017

No m/b splash screen just the asus monitor displaying no signal. no way i can get into bios or upgrade drivers for m/b. do you think a fresh install of wins os is suggested.

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