No signal input to monitor

  ponytail 08:47 01 Dec 2012

As I have just purchased a new laptop and as my nephew needed a PC for his school work I decided to sell him mine and donate the money to a local charity.But they ave now returned the PC saying it is full of viruses and does not have office.That is strange as I had the PC checked three weeks before I gave it to him.Anyway I put it all together to see what the problem was but when I pressed the power button on the case it was loose and on looking inside saw it was dissconnected (Broken )but was still able to start PC by pressing the actual switch stem inside but although the PC starts up the monitor says no input signal.I have connected the ethernet cable from the router to the PC.The router is a N ADSL2 + the ethernet cable is plugged into socket Lan 3 but the LAN 3 Led is not lit.Sorry so long anyone any ideas as to why there is no input signal

  onthelimit1 09:05 01 Dec 2012

Nothing to do with the ethernet cable or the router. Could be a problem with the VGA cable from PC to monitor - make sure it is plugged in securely at both ends.

  Taff™ 09:56 01 Dec 2012

Also check if it is using the onboard graphics or a separaet graphics card. The number of times I've connected the VGA cable, seen the same message and then realised there was a graphics card installed ....

  onthelimit1 10:24 01 Dec 2012

Taff - good point - me too!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 01 Dec 2012

Sounds like it really has been messed with.

Suggest you open it up and reseat all cards (graphics and ethernet) and memory just to be sure.

  ponytail 16:27 01 Dec 2012

I have just taken it back to the PC shop I use and they checked it and said the hard drive has packed up.Not sure what to do is it possible to just replace the hard drive or as they say not worth the expense.Seems a shame too just get rid of it for the sake of the hard drive.

  Diemmess 17:37 01 Dec 2012

Perhaps a re-statment from someone closer to your know-how than the expert advice others have offered.

  1. Power switch has been mauled but you have found a workaround for that.

  2. The VGA cable might be faulty, they do go open circuit after long use with meddling.

  3. The VGA cable may have been plugged into the wrong socket on the PC. If there are two sockets with identical plugs try the socket away from the others, coming from it own "slice" on the back of the PC.

  4. The HDisk would not normally affect the monitor until Windows starts to load. Even if the HD has failed the display would usually work through the BIOS section and hang at the point where Windows should start. At that point it would say something like No bootable disk.

So I think like the others it is a VGA -Monitor problem Blank screen after switch on needs curing first.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 01 Dec 2012

hard drives are cheap (£33 for 500g WD interal SATA drive) its the op system from windows that costs.

Do you have back up disks for the machine?

or do you have an op system CD and the number on the machine so you can load to a new drive?

Linux is free if you do not need windows Open office is free and compatible with windows office documents.

Make sure it boots to BIOS with HDD disconnected.

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