no signal input on monitor

  paul49 15:46 03 Feb 2010

I know that this has been talked about before but my problem is slightly different. I have an LCD monitor which worked fine, then my PC went to a repair shop, wouldn't turn on. and when it came back I plugged the monitor in but get the "no signal input" message. I then plugged in an old CRT monitor and that works fine. I have checked all the seatings of cards etc and all seem OK and bought a new monitor cable. Still the same results, pluf the CRT monitor in everything works, plug the LCD monitor in using new cable, no signal input. Any help appreciated, Paul

  jamesd1981 16:22 03 Feb 2010

well two things have you tried the monitor connected to another machine, or more likely if the crt monitor works with your machine, it could be the shop have reset you graphics card resolution to a higher setting than your monitor can use, try using you crt screen and reset your resolution down to a lower setting, then try your lcd again, try to find out what the prefered default res for your lcd monitor is.

  DieSse 19:28 03 Feb 2010

Too high a resolution - or maybe too high a refresh rate.

  paul49 13:55 04 Feb 2010

thanks, tried these but no go so far, refresh rate set to lowest, 60 hertz, display settings set to lowest 640 x 400 but still the same. don't have another computer to connect to at the moment but will try that as soon as I can. Just seems strange that it worked OK until I disconnected it and then didn't work at all when reconnected.

  jamesd1981 18:38 04 Feb 2010

trying turning down to 16bit colour

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