No Signal to CRT Monitor after Opening Case !

  dregn 18:08 25 Nov 2004

I offered to upgrade my friend's PC.

This simply involved doubling the installed memory,presently 256MB. and fitting a second HDD.

Everything was working perfectly before I opened the case. I took out the single stick of memory to check whether it was 168 pin or 184 pin. ( The Crucial memory selector indicated that it could be either )and replaced it.

I fitted the second IDE HDD as slave and put it back together again.

On starting there was no beep and the monitor screen was blank except for the message ' NO SIGNAL/D-SUB AUTO.'

I replaced the video cable with a spare, rechecked that the memory was firmly secured and swapped the graphics card for another similar one to no avail.I reverted to the original graphics card ( ATI) and still a blank monitor but for the same 'NO SIGNAL' message.

The M/Board is an ECS K7S5A and there is no information on the ECS website ( My friend's PC is Athlon-based and is about 3 years old.)

I am baffled and would appreciate any advice.

  Dorsai 18:24 25 Nov 2004

Are you sure you did not knock somthing else loose, without realising it?

Did you put the memory back in the same slot? If i put my one and only ram stick in the wrong slot my pc will not boot. I have to have it in slot 4. (If i had two sticks, it would be 3 and 4)

  woodchip 18:34 25 Nov 2004

You have disturbed the Graphics card, Switch the computer off at the wall socket, and Try to support the Motherboard as you press the Card Into the socket as it will bend it, and may break a board connection

  dregn 18:35 25 Nov 2004


Thank you for your helpful reply.

I have had a very careful check and think everything is in place. All leads seem to be connected to headers. I am pretty sure that the memory was replaced in the correct slot ( I had left the 'ears' down on that slot after removing the stick) but it may be worth trying another slot in view of your second suggestion .

I hope to troubleshoot later this evening and will report.

Many thanks, again.

  woodchip 18:40 25 Nov 2004

If you only have one stick memory it should be in the first slot i.e. 0 or 1 what ever comes first

  Dorsai 19:17 25 Nov 2004

Sorry to disagree mate, but it should be in the First or Last slot. If i put my ram in slot 0, my pc fails to boot.

My mobo counts down, not up. Belarc confirms that my ram in the highest numbered slot.

But if dregn is sure ram when where it came from, all left to check is that it was plugged in fully, together with everyting else.

if AGP card, be sure it is fully plugged in. AGP cards are well known to cause dead PC's if not plugged all the way in. That is why many mobo's have a special clip at one end, to prevent the card coming loose during shipping. I would carefull press on the card, alternating the pressure from one end to the other, to ensure it is fully seated.

  dregn 20:20 25 Nov 2004

Dorsai and woodchip,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will attack the problem tomorrow and report.

I did, in fact, support the edge of the board as I reseated the memory and the graphics card as I am aware of the danger of doing damage to the PCB in these circumstances.

My friends are looking forward to the return of their upgraded PC tomorrow evening !

Fingers crossed and thank you for your support.

  dregn 13:08 26 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone for your help.

Problem solved - I went over what I had changed in my friend's PC and removed the cable from both HDDs and the M/board. ( I had substituted a round cable for the original ribbon cable. to improve airflow. )
The machine booted OK. I then fitted a new cable and all is well.
The Akasa cable that I had fitted was defective.

I don't think I will mention this glitch when I return the upgraded machine to it's owner!

Just for information : This board - ECS K7S5A Rev 1.0 has four memory slots. Two of them take 184 pin sticks (Blue ) and the other two slots ( Black ) take 168 pin ones. Only one type should be fitted and the max capacity is 1GB.

I have ordered another stick from Crucial.

Thanks again.

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