No signal comes up on screen and wont start up!

  diddi.ash 14:10 25 Jul 2003

My mum bought a new computer and we got it all up and running (windows XP),Then the screen crashed so she turned it off and then on again, it said cause windows was not shut down properly please select one of the folling ie: start up windows normally, but when it does this there is a (NO SIGNAL) THAT IS DISPLAYED ON SCREEN AND THEN IT ALL STARTS AGAIN, windows was not shut down properly etc. CAN ANYONE HELP! WHY DOES NO SIGNAL COME UP ON SCREEN, WHEN IT WAS WORKING BEFORE?

  Djohn 14:35 25 Jul 2003

If the monitor is a TFT, then it may be because the resolution is set to high! Re-boot in safe mode and go to control panel, click on display then properties, set to 60hz for a 15" or 75hz for a 17" monitor. Re-boot and all should e fine.

  Gongoozler 14:36 25 Jul 2003

Hi diddi.ash. If the monitor says there is no signal, then there is no recognisable signal being sent by the graphics card. Unless you have caused the problem by loading software or changing settings, then this is a problem for the retailer/manufacturer. The most likely cause is a graphics driver problem, but there is really not enough information to be more specific.

  diddi.ash 19:44 25 Jul 2003

I tryed pressing the safe mode and it just loaded and came back to the same instructions.

My mum was playing a game that she had just installed when the screen crashed.
could it be a problem then that i have to take back to PC WORLD then (only bought it thursday)?

  jolorna 19:51 25 Jul 2003

if you only got it on thursday you might as well put the recovery disc in to reformat it then if it doesn't work they will have to change it on the spot

  diddi.ash 20:13 25 Jul 2003

Thanks for that jolorna, i did try putting the disc in but it said (file failed) so i will have to take it back, do i just take the motherboard back only as i have thrown the boxes away?

  jolorna 20:19 25 Jul 2003

what make is it? you have to reboot the computer with the recovery disc in the cd drive then it should go through the reformat and recovery procedure, they might not be very happy if you have thrown the box away

  diddi.ash 20:23 25 Jul 2003

E MACHINE. i put the disc in but it wouldnt except it, it said failed!
Not very good with computers perhaps we doing something wrong!

  diddi.ash 20:28 25 Jul 2003

Sorry to be dumb but how do i re-boot?

  VoG II 20:31 25 Jul 2003

Start, Turn off Computer, Restart.

or CTRL+ALT+DEL keys all at the same time twice.

How have you been turning the machine off?

  Gongoozler 20:31 25 Jul 2003

diddi.ash, to reboot, either press the reset button on the front of the box, or switch off then on again.

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