No signal at all to monitor

  LesMurray 15:31 31 Jan 2009

I have been asked to fix a friends computer, there is no signal at all to the monitor so he asked me to look at it, I connected his base unit to my monitor via my KVM switch I have 2 other base units on this, no life, I swapped the graphics card [agp] for another still nothing I then tried an old PCI card still nothing. I slaved his H/D to mine and ran a virus check returned it still zero! any advise? Les

  DieSse 17:29 31 Jan 2009

When you start the suspect base unit, what does and doesn't sound like it's happening?

Many things can cause a base unit to not power up.

  LesMurray 18:19 31 Jan 2009

Fans all start I think H/D starts the light on the floppy stays on no response to k/board or mouse

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 31 Jan 2009

Check data cable to floppy is correct way roud and or fully inserted.

  ambra4 18:50 31 Jan 2009

Replace the memory modules

  LesMurray 18:59 31 Jan 2009

I will check the floppy drive, as the guy put in a third stick of memory, I have taken it out, but will now check each one on their own

  DieSse 19:17 31 Jan 2009

I concur with FruitBat - floppy light permanently on can result from a wrongly fitted cable.

  LesMurray 19:39 31 Jan 2009

He had put the floppy cable in round the wrong way on the drive unit, but still getting the 'no signal' to my monitor, but floppy light goes out!

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