No Signal

  huzzar 13:21 14 Jan 2003
  huzzar 13:21 14 Jan 2003

Has anyone come accross this one before.

When I start my computer and before anything is loaded I get a small box saying "No Signal" it stays there for a few seconds and disappears as windows starts to load. Everything seems Ok. Its not a worry - just an annoyance.

  Lozzy 13:27 14 Jan 2003

What operating system? Have you looked in the Boot.ini file to see whats being loaded? is there a TV card installed? We need more info to help

  Gemma 13:30 14 Jan 2003

Some monitors, when there is no input signal, say "No signal". The graphics card must be slow to become ready.

  Old PC man 13:35 14 Jan 2003

It's just your monitor powering up faster than your operating system.

Do you switch your monitor on before your computer? If so try switching on your computer before the monitor and you won't see the message because the monitor will not have warmed up enough to display anything before the OS has sent info to the graphics card.

  huzzar 13:41 14 Jan 2003

Its a new monitor I have just bought. I try to switch my monitor on first as this is way I have been taught but you could be right. Next time I will switch it on after the computer and see what happens. Thank you all for your quick and helpful responses as usual.

  siarad 13:57 14 Jan 2003

It's insignificant just don't woory which way you do it

  Gemma 14:27 14 Jan 2003

Huzzar, let the power management take care of the monitor and save yourself a button press....

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