No sigan in monitor,desktop power shortage?

  Akis V. 09:42 30 Oct 2018

Hello i have a custom desktop built by me since 2016,it was running with no problems since yesterday,so here is the story, friday morning i disconected a case fan because it was super noisy,the pc worked fine all day after that,i powered off the pc and went away on 3 days bussiness trip,monday night i came back powered up the pc,case fans and keyboard lighted up,mouse didnt and no signal in monitor,i tested mouse on laptop and it works fine but it doesnt work on any usb slot on desktop,gpu fans also dont work in both motherboards pci slots,so i am thinking its either psu or motherboard problem,no beeps at all from motherboard to indicate a hardware problem,keyboard and usb flashlights work on usb slots but mouse and gpu dont so i am thinking the system cant provide enough power for gpu and mouse?

  Akis V. 10:36 30 Oct 2018

I should probably mention that even with pc powered off keyboard still gets power for some reason

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