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  [DELETED] 10:32 26 Nov 2003

I cannot get on to the Internet on my home computer as it says it cannot find the server. I have NTL Broadband modem connected to an on board network adaptor. There is a bit of software installed with the NTL software called CorrectConnect, which test the connection and it says that there is no NIC/Network adaptor found, but according to the device manager it is working fine.

I have uninstalled the drivers for the network adaptor and reinstalled them but it makes no difference.

Can anyone help as I need to get it up and working as my girlfriend has got course work she needs to research.

I have got a Mesh Matrix XP 2800+.

  Andsome 10:35 26 Nov 2003

click here

This could explain your problem

  [DELETED] 10:43 26 Nov 2003

Thanks Andsome, i really should of read that before i posted. I will check it again when i get home and hopefully put a tick in the box to say it is now sorted.

Just for knowledge really, how would there being a problem with the broadband connection mean that it could not find the network adaptor?

Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 12:05 27 Nov 2003

My connection is now working. When i got home it was still down, so i shut down, pulled the plug on the modem, plugged it back in, restarted the computer but still no response. I decided to call NTL service line, and was one there for about 5 mins when it suddenly came to life again, so either there was another problem with the line or NTL where sending positive waves through there annoying music which kicked it back into life.

  Andsome 10:16 28 Nov 2003

Glad it's working OK now. I agree about the annoying so called music on NTL's helpline. I'm afraid that it's something that we are stuck with. Most company's now have this annoyance on their telephone systems. Almost every TV programme is wrecked by annoying noises also, plus ridiculous camera tricks.

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