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No second beep on startup

  zoobie 15:42 21 Nov 2007

This is my third box and second build. Everything's gone smoothly except I've just noticed there's no second beep on startup when there was before. Everythings new including the HD's, mobo, and ram sticks. What happened to my second beep and what does it all mean?

XP Pro/Knoppix

  zoobie 15:56 21 Nov 2007

Well, that's weird. All my boxes had second beeps including this one until a few days ago.

  wee eddie 16:01 21 Nov 2007

as well

  griffon56 16:39 21 Nov 2007

Hi zoobie,

Further to Prob Drive's advice here are two more links to Beep Code Explanations click here and click here which might be useful, and I agree with all the others who say only one beep is normal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 21 Nov 2007

Only one beep

The other must have been an echo ;0)

Two beeps is often a memory problem.

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