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  Seadog 00:02 16 Dec 2004

OK, what have I done, I have no screensaver. Using win Xp sp2 and although I "set" the screensaver in the normal way, (right click desktop/properties and so on....) it is not working! All appears ok but nothing is happening. I was playing round with my graphics card the other day but everything else on the machine is working ok..................anyone any ideas?
Oh, yes, by the way, it was working a day or so ago, I have not loaded any new programs, just played with the graphics card and monitor settings which, in theory shouldn't affect the win xp screensaver or should it?............................

  Strawballs 00:17 16 Dec 2004

Have you tried system restore to a point before your problems

  Seadog 00:32 16 Dec 2004

I thought about that but want to find out what I have done to disable it, what files are corrupted (don't want to go into it that deep mind you.
If nothing else I will try system restore.
Thanks anyway.

  whybe 05:06 16 Dec 2004

I think that sometimes graphics card software changes Windows default display settings. Have you checked that all are as you want them to be under, Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, then either Screen Saver or Display. You should then be able to check that your screensaver hasn't been disabled.

  ened 07:12 16 Dec 2004

Just a thought:
Can you view your pics in the My Pictures folder?
If so try using the 'My Pictures Slideshow'.
If that works you have probably inadvertently lost/moved your.scr files.
Search for *.*scr. They should be in System32 folder.

  Seadog 08:49 16 Dec 2004

Looked for the .scr files and all seemed ok. No screensaver worked at all so to save time I used system restore this morning - so far all appears to be back to normal. Must have been something to do with the graphics card settings, but what I have no idea!

  Technotiger 11:28 16 Dec 2004

Hi, as a matter of interest, how old is your monitor? If pretty recent, screensaver is not really essential, modern monitors are not so prone to screen burning as were the oldies. I never use a screensaver, I think they are a nuisance. (Though some of them do look quite nice) Cheers.

  Seadog 12:39 16 Dec 2004

I am using a CTX LCD monitor, it's not that I really need a screensaver (I have it set to 15 minutes before the screensaver comes on - and the monitor turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity!) but the fact that it ceased to function so to speak! I wanted to know what I had done, that's I didn't do it again.

  bretsky 14:37 16 Dec 2004

Go into control panel and click power options and make sure never is checked for you monitor and hard drive.

If you want an " instant screen save" and one that you have total control over, go into your system32 folder and look for the screen saver files eg:ssbeizer.scr etc, and simply drag the file to your browser making sure you have unlocked the toolbar before hand. So if you have to leave your pc for whatever reason, you just click on the screensaver button in your toolbar,and presto, then when you want to resume back into windows, just nudge your mouse and your back into your pc, I have 3 screensaves in my browser and use them all the time.

Remember to set your screensaver to "None" in the properties window.
I know this is not a cure for you original problem, but just a thought.

bretsky ;0)

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