No screen on monitor

  griffo 21:48 29 Nov 2006

I'm having a week of it - my sons's PC inherited a virus which affected Norton and has completely messed up the PC. So I brought a PC from the office as a temporary solution.

Put in a wireless PCI and powered up - nothing from the monitor - just great! Tried another monitor - same. Tried another card for the monitor, still nothing!

Any ideas please, before I throw 2 PC's in the skip????

  User-312386 21:55 29 Nov 2006

does the computer beep? if so how many beeps do you get?

  griffo 22:05 29 Nov 2006

actually, no, it doesn't beep at all.

  Technotiger 22:08 29 Nov 2006

Hmmm, no beeps usually means loose card or short. Check all your connections and that cards and mem sticks are all seated firmly.

  HXP 22:14 29 Nov 2006

The next thing to do is unplug from mains take the cover off, earth yourself ( so touch a radiator ) take a peek inside case.

Without touching any metal contacts, or metal on the PC check the video card is seated ( give it a gentle push into the slot) same with the memory sticks.Try to judt touch the card edges not the metallic bits at all

Press v gently on the CPU to make sure it's seated ok.

Check no loose dangling wires !

Leave lid off ( don't put your hands inside case when plugged in ) power on - does power fan come on ? If not check plugs n fuses. If it does does CPU fan come on ?

Do you hear HDD's spin up

Do the floppy / HDD / CD lights on the case light up ?

Give us a run down of what happens ( you should at least get beep ( hopefully )

If you don't get anything at all definately no power to motherboard so it is check wiring plugs etc.

Above all if it's plugged in at the mains don't stick your hands in - make sure unplugged before you look.

Hope you get it going


  griffo 22:23 29 Nov 2006

have checked and re-checked everything many times and can't find anything amiss - still doesn't beep!

  griffo 22:25 29 Nov 2006

CPU fan is spinning and monitor makes a 'wake-up' sound but no picture. Floppy drive doesn't make any of the usual sounds and no beeps.

  Technotiger 22:26 29 Nov 2006

When you say 'powered up' did anything at all happen? as per HXP's response, any signs of life at all - is the PSU fan turning as normal?

  woodchip 22:27 29 Nov 2006

Faulty PSU

  Technotiger 22:34 29 Nov 2006

Well yes, I am sure you have checked and checked again, but ... did you by any chance disconnect any of the drive ide cables, including floppy, if so might you have put cable back on the wrong way round? Did you actually remove mem sticks and then replace them, rather than just giving them a bit of a push down?

Clutching at straws a bit, but I can only suggest - check again.

Good luck.

  griffo 22:43 29 Nov 2006

OK here's a run down of what I did -

put in a wireless PCI
put in a DVD reader and used the IDE connector and power connector from the tape drive for that (tape not needed), removed and checked spec of one RAM stick, replaced.

As the system didn't reboot, I removed the DVD and re-connected the IDE/power to the tape drive.

I have tried swapping the graphics card from my sons PC to see if that was faulty (now swapped back again).

I have checked all IDE/power connectors, reseated the RAM stick, removed and replaced the wireless card.

Oh and I removed a PCI network card (neede the wireless where this PC is located).

PSU is fine, the CPU fan and other devices are receiving power.

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