No room left on my PC hard drive.

  edenworkshops 19:40 13 Sep 2014


I just checked my wifes PC becasue she was having problems downloading, her PC kept telling her her hard drive was full.

I checked all the foilders on the C drive and everything was normal expcept the Windows folder which had 56GB in it.

My wifes PC has an 80GB hard drive and is running winxp.

The following link shows a screen shot of the contents of the Windows folder, there were hundreds of other files all marked in blue, can anyone excplain this please?

click here You



  wee eddie 19:47 13 Sep 2014

They are, I'm almost sure, Windows Updates that you've previously installed.

Download CCleaner from Piriform. It is free and will clear them and any other unnecessary detritus that is hanging around.

  wee eddie 19:54 13 Sep 2014

Other ways of freeing up more space are:

To delete unused software.

To reduce the size of the Restore Points Folder.

To transfer rarely used files to an External Hard Drive. Which usually come with a basic Backup Program included in the price

  BRYNIT 20:03 13 Sep 2014

This might be of help CLICK HERE

  rdave13 20:11 13 Sep 2014

Also run disk cleanup, how to ,sorry for the site's heading...

  wee eddie 20:19 13 Sep 2014

After all that, you will need to Defragment the Hard Drive. XP has its own but it is seriously slow.

Defraggler by Piriform is first class, quicker and free, but if you haven't defragged for a while. Expect the job to take hours rather than minutes!

  edenworkshops 10:17 14 Sep 2014

Thank you all.


  wee eddie 11:58 14 Sep 2014

When all is said and done. We have just been nibbling away at the edges.

What is needed is more storage space. How you add that is your decision.

Unless, of course, there are things like Movies and TV Programs stored on the Drive, removing them could be a game changer!

  edenworkshops 13:21 14 Sep 2014

Hello, hope someone is still active on this thread.

I downloaded CCleaner, ran it and let it do it's stuff and it removed about 500mb of files.

Tried to do a disk defrag but was told there was not enough space on the hard drive to run de frag.

Checked the C drive again and found a folder in Windows called Installer. This folder had 50GB of mumbo jumbo in it, here is a screen shot of the content, there were also a half dozen other folders.

What is it and can I delete it?

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  wee eddie 14:22 14 Sep 2014

You are skating on very thin ice when you try to remove anything to do with Windows, excepting the old Update Files that you have already removed.

As far as I know, W Installer is the part of Windows that assists you installing new Software. Definitely a No-No.

I am assuming that you haven't found any Programs that are no longer needed and that you do not have an External Hard Drive that you can use to store rarely used Files or Movies.

I use a WD 'My Passport' 1TB USB3 Drive, that cost me about £50.00. I don't actually have USB3 on my 8year old PC, ex-XP 'updated to W7, but it will keep me in Backup-space as well as my stored Movies, for a good few years yet. As well as keeping my 500GB HD fairly lean.

  edenworkshops 14:41 14 Sep 2014

But 50GB in one folder full of the same type of file seems to me a crazy amount of sdpace to occupie.

Can anyone shed any light on where they came from and how to deal with them.

It seems daft that my wifes PC has an 80GB hard drive and so much is occupied by these mystery files.

My wife runs very little on her PC and has no redundant programs.

Thanks for your help so far, appreciate it.


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