No Response from Links (Outlook Express)

  J. I. 11:57 21 Dec 2004

When invited to click on a link in Outlook Express. Placing the Mouse over it produces no response and the Link remains in the same format as the rest of the E/Mail. Because of this Im unable to be directed to another page, or to the Internet for further information that may be on offer. Obviously some setting is wrong. Unfortunately Im not sure which one. Can any help with this one.
Many thanks. Joni

  bretsky 12:26 21 Dec 2004

Try going into IE and click on tools>internet options>programs and under E-mail, select OE, this is because it shares IE settings.

bretsky ;0)

  J. I. 16:19 22 Dec 2004

Checked settings as suggested by Bretzky. I found settings as he recommended. Carried out method 1 as suggested by VoG. On going into O.E the Links were as before(No response) Not able to carry out Method 2, due my VERSION 6.0, 2004. Opologies for not mentioning this before. Will be grateful if anyone has info on how to rectify this proplem in XP Home 2004. Thanks in anticipation

  BurrWalnut 16:27 22 Dec 2004

This sometimes cures the problem. Close all open windows and go to Start, Run and type in regsvr32 urlmon.dll (note the space), then click OK. It's all here click here

  J. I. 18:33 22 Dec 2004

Thanks for your interest Burrwalnut. Sadly your suggestion ref Method 1 was same as VoG. Never the less I carried it out again with the same result(Links not responding) This is a strange one. Its gone beyond my scope of reasoning. Everthing works, except this. Hope in anticipation.
Thanks. Joni

  bretsky 13:01 25 Dec 2004

sp2 perhaps?

bretsky ;0)

  J. I. 13:24 25 Dec 2004

I believe you are correct bretsky. SP2 is responsible for so many clitches. Will inform M/S. Perhaps if they recieve sufficient complaints, they may look into it and offer a patch.
Many thanks and a Merry Xmas.

  bretsky 14:23 25 Dec 2004

This is just one of the many reasons I wont install this sp because I have xp home 2001 and I think it would break my pc.

I have sp1 installed and it runs great, I keep it updated with all the other M/S patches etc, got Z/A firewall, Panda AV and three anti-spyware/adware programs, winpatrol startup program, Cyberscrub, Ccleaner and loads more utility programs.

Oh I completely forgot, a godsend must have, Mailwasher, fantastic program, some days I don't even open up OE because I've seen and read my mail from this.

Have a good one..........merry xmas.

bretsky ;0)

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