No recovery disc.hewlett-packard are dinosaurs

  RUSSOKUK 18:03 20 Mar 2003

I had to format the drive and start again,everythings fine but I need some drivers for my hewlett packard pc,Ive contacted the hp website and e-mailed them.They say I should use the recovery program supplied with the pc,I never got one with the pc even though I bought it new.They then said I should go to one of their approved shops and get one there.Dinosaurs or what?I have asked the question,"why cant I just download the drivers" and am waiting for a reply.I have located a website for driver downloads but they want a subsciption fee,this is not acceptable,anyone know where to get drivers for a hewlett-packard pavilion pc?heelp pleeese

  Megatyte 18:07 20 Mar 2003

What drivers do you need?

  Megatyte 18:11 20 Mar 2003

Go to click here for drivers. Registration required(free).

  Newuser38 19:05 20 Mar 2003

How did you re-load your OS? Normally Pavilions come with a recovery disc which includes all the OS and programs on the machine when you bought it. That will also include the drivers. If you go to the HP site and Support for your machine you can normally download the newest drivers from there.Are you sure the disc you used for reload is not a recovery disc??
If you have used a new OS disc which you bought yourself seperately from the machine then I understand what you say and if you never had a recovery disc you should go back to where you bought the machine and take it up with them.

  rins36 19:15 20 Mar 2003


I have not had to format the hard drive, but i did not get the Microsoft Works Suite 2002 with my new HP computer which apparently has everything on it. Since buying the pc 6 wks ago I have been passed back & forth from the shop where i bought it back to pc to HP. I have now found out that it was a packing error & HP do not have these cd's in stock & I must wait for it to be sent out to me. Never again will I buy from HP

  lester1 00:05 21 Mar 2003

I've got a Pavilion admittantly now a bit old! as Newuser38 says the recovery disc contains all of the original software loaded onto your machine.Why do you want a copy of Works 2002?
the works CD should have been shipped with the PC, but if not back up any new programs you have installed and follow the HP recovery instructions in the help files.

This will restore your machine to the original factory installation Works 2002 and all.

  graham 09:41 21 Mar 2003

My hp pavilion came with the recovery program on the hard drive, I've used it twice no problem. So no CD with mine, but others may say different.

  RUSSOKUK 10:14 21 Mar 2003

Thanks to everyone for helping me with this problem,Im going to the shop I bought the pc from
today,and will hopefully get the required disc.I'm still waiting for hp to explain exactly why I cant just download the drivers from the website.

  RUSSOKUK 10:17 21 Mar 2003

And a special thanks to you megatyte

  RUSSOKUK 10:17 21 Mar 2003

And a special thanks to you megatyte

  daxian 11:17 21 Mar 2003

Hi all ,just like to say that i have recently
had experience of packard-bell recovery disks
the pc i was asked to " sort out" came with a utility to create the master cd's from the hard drive.
Unfortunatly when the owner made the cd's,it was not done fully ,so when i came to use them ,they were useless .
After some hurried calls to the helpline a set of master cd's were sent out ,these( comeing from Germany )took four days to arrive by post .
So, i thought, no problems now ,WRONG !!!!!
After three attempts to install the cd's ,i had to call the helpline again, they in turn told me to use the utility to check the cd's, all four
failed the test .
So i am now waiting for a new set to be sent from Germany !!!!!!!
MORAL OF THE STORY :make sure you get all the software that is installed on your computer ,or go to a company that will give you all the cd's
rather than a recovery disk(s) .

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