No Power to the pc

  GaryH 22:54 29 Jun 2003

My friends PC seems to be dead. I have changed the power supply to one that is known to work. Still no luck does anyone have other suggestions?

  Newuser714 22:57 29 Jun 2003

Is the fan working when switched on - if not sounds like PSU may have failed.

  GaryH 22:58 29 Jun 2003

I have tried another PSU but no luck....

  Newuser714 23:01 29 Jun 2003

Have you checked internal power connections and any fuses onboard?

  GaryH 23:05 29 Jun 2003

what internal power other than the PSU? and where would fuses be onboard? Never seen fuses on a motherboard before!

  Bodi 23:10 29 Jun 2003

if no power seems to be getting through to the motherboard, I suggest.......

A) Checking all power connections to hard drives, floppies etc etc.

B) Check that the 'power switch connector' is the right way round.

C) You could try building outside the case with the working power supply, just to eliminate a short somewhere.

If the fans & LED's are working:-

Try a new memory module. Also, removing all expansion cards, except, of course graphics card. It's a real bind, but back to the process of elimination.

If after checking everything, still doesn't work, I suppose we could be looking at duff motherboard or CPU. :-(


  Stuartli 23:25 29 Jun 2003

Is there an on/off switch on the rear of the power supply itself?

If so it may have inadvertently been switched off.

  the lone cloner 21:03 30 Jun 2003

it may sound stupid but have you established that there is power from the socket on the wall/the lead to the computer first.

  Bodi 22:46 30 Jun 2003

Not stupid at all - usually the simple things are those we overlook.


  GaryH 23:05 30 Jun 2003

Thanks for your suggestions. The power socket and switch at the rear of the tower are OK.

The fan on the heatsink does not come on and the LED on the switch of the tower is not available.

Power switch connector is correct way around as it worked fine before. Is now dead after not being used for some weeks.

I'll try building outside the case. Perhaps is the cases power switch or maybe the motherboard.

  woodchip 23:21 30 Jun 2003

Dead CPU

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