No power, no lights, no sound is it dead?

  pavel 08:33 05 Nov 2004

Looking at a friends pc for him . Can't get it to power up. I have checked the obvious such as power from the socket, fuse in the plug, cable attachment and have even swapped out the psu with a known good one. Still to no avail Am I missing something ? I try the on button but nothing happens no lights, no sounds it appears to be dead. Could the cpu be "cooked"? Any ideas greatfully accepted.
Thank you

  dan 11 08:57 05 Nov 2004

Strip it down to the minimum. Disconnect any cdrom \ dvd drives. Take out all pci cards, but leave the graphics card if it has one. Just leave the bootable hard drive, 1 stick of memory, cpu with hsf and the graphics device. Give that a whirl.

If that will not boot, then check the psu power connector to the board and also the power lead from the case to the motherboard ( from the on \ off switch.

if that will not boot, take the motherboard out and place on a sheet of cardboard, see if it will go to post,it may be shorting on the case.

  SEASHANTY 15:08 05 Nov 2004

For an in depth look at Power Supplies see this report by Scott Mueller
click here
I presume that you have also tried pressing the "RESET" button if the PC has one. It could also be that the ON/OFF switch is faulty.

  SEASHANTY 15:19 05 Nov 2004

Note also this paragraph from the links pn the left
pertaining to the POWER_GOOD SIGNAL
click here
which could also be the reason the PC will not start up.

  Gongoozler 15:26 05 Nov 2004

There is also the possibility that the power switch is damaged. In an ATX system (practically any computer made since about 1998) the power switch is a momentary contact switch that briefly short together the 2 power pins on the motherboard, so you can test the switch either with a multimeter, or you can touch the 2 pins together yourself. With some computer cases the switch can be pushed out of position by the button on the front of the case. I have repaired one of these by removing the front panel, repositioning the switch and locking it into place with a Tywrap and hot-melt glue. The power switch only works at 5 volts, so there is no mains voltage hazard.

  SEASHANTY 20:14 05 Nov 2004

The 20 pin connector to the M/B is shown on this webpage with info on pins click here

  Gongoozler 08:18 06 Nov 2004

Hi pavel. Good to see it's resolved. What was the cure?

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