No power to Laptop.

  birdface 16:04 01 Sep 2008

Hi.My grandaughters laptop will not start.HP Pavilion 6000.No power no lights.As It is still under Warranty I have told her to take it back to Comet where she got it.Is there anything that I should be trying before taking it back.I did change the fuse in the main plug but that is all that I have tried,Anybody had any dealings with Comet and maybe give some advice on the best approach,or should everything run smoothly.

  Pamy 16:52 01 Sep 2008

Not much you can do. Your course(your grandauhters) course of action will all depend on what Comet say is wrong, ie. repair, replace whole or part. Think of progs and data that she may have installed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 01 Sep 2008

Power on the DC jack plug?

try with battery removed.

may well be worth removing the HDD and copying the data across to your machine before they take it back

  birdface 18:09 01 Sep 2008

Thanks for the advice,But i have no knowledge of laptops.Don't even know where the battery is never mind removing the hard drive.With or without the jack plug installed there is no sign of life.Sorry for the delay in getting back to you although it was showing 2 replies nothing was showing when opened.

  Peter 18:23 01 Sep 2008


As to the not showing of replies, even when notified that there are some, I have found it is sometimes necessary to do a "Refresh" (F5) to get new material to show up, especially if you have not logged off or left the web page.


  birdface 18:31 01 Sep 2008

Thanks peter.I should have known as it has been happening quite a lot recently.Not sure if it is a PCA problem or just my computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 01 Sep 2008
  jack 19:47 01 Sep 2008

or replies showing but unable to access the page
This post was trying for a response yesterday
including me mailing the webmaster as requested.
So far no sensible answers

click here

  birdface 20:00 01 Sep 2008

Many thanks for your help.I have bookmarked your click here for the future.Although it looks easy I am not going to try just in case I break something.If it was my own laptop I would probably give it a try.Will wait and see what Comet says to-morrow.

  birdface 20:04 01 Sep 2008

You lost your thread doubt it has happened to others but I cant remember one.I hope that you get your problem sorted.

  Pamy 18:21 03 Sep 2008

So , whats happening with the grand daughters laptop?

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