No power to heatsink fan

  gadgetgeek 10:56 02 Jun 2012

I have a Packard Bell iPower 6800sli PC. It recently powered itself off after 5 minutes. I opened the case and removed the heatsink and fan and cleaned the dust away as it. Looked semi clogged.. On re-installing the PC worked normally. The next day the same thing happened. On checking the heatsink fan it was not working. I bought a replacement fan and fitted it but the new fan does not work either. All other parts of the machie work and it powers up with no problems but the heatsink soon gets hot, so power it down to prevent damage. Why would the fan not work? What else could or should I check? They cabling is fitted correctly and I see no damage etc on the MoBo. Many thanks for any guidance.

  Snrub 10:59 02 Jun 2012

Do the fan blades rotate?

  KRONOS the First 11:13 02 Jun 2012

Possible motherboard fault,if the fan is not turning and you have it connected to the correct header on your motherboard,then that would suggest that the header is faulty.

As an after thought did you reapply thermal paste between heatsink and CPU?not that that would stop the fan turning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:58 02 Jun 2012
  1. Type of otherboard

  2. Check BIOS power settings

  spuds 12:39 02 Jun 2012

The fault could be a little more complicated, but you could try a simple direct test on the new replacement fan to see it that works okay.

  gadgetgeek 13:27 02 Jun 2012

Thanks for the replies. Yes I did put paste on, but as you said should not affect the fan. Blades turn freely on the old and new unit. Never entered the BIOS before but will try though only have around 5 mins before the PC powers itself down. How can I do a direct fan test? Again many many thanks for help. Hope it is not a case of my Bank Holiday looking for a new machine!!!

  KRONOS the First 13:40 02 Jun 2012

If you just bought a fan then plug it in to any 3 pin header on the board to test if it runs, but to be honest it is unlikely that both the old and the new fans do not work.

what heatsink/cooler are you using, I assume it is not a stock one? I am not sure what Fruit Bat means by checking power settings but his question on the motherboard is a valid one.What is it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 02 Jun 2012

There may be other points on the board for case fans, have you tried the cpu fan in one of those?

  Condom 14:12 02 Jun 2012

You could try a direct test using any battery and a little piece of wire. If you do it for a few seconds it should do no harm but at least you will find out if it or even they are working OK which should at least point you in another direction.

  gadgetgeek 14:14 02 Jun 2012

I have plugged the fan into a 3 pin socket located elsewhere on the MoBo, but cannot say what the pins are for as area around covered, and the fan works! Is it ok to leave left in to this point? So many thanks for all your help and advice so far. Have a feeling my PC has seen better days n maybe this is a warning to start looking for a new machine!

  spuds 14:16 02 Jun 2012

Now test the old fan, the same way that you have tried the new fan, and see if that works.

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